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( Apr. 23rd, 2019 03:06 pm)
This grocery store matzo ball soup was

a) disappointing
b) sufficiently full of carrots to trigger a mild allergic reaction even though they were cooked.

I blame someone on twitter posting a Game of Thrones clip involving a dragon in an army sometime yesterday for this.

sometimes the brain is really ridiculous )
I dreamed that I slept in.

I feel that this says a lot about my reality.
So here's one.

I make a consistent breakfast: oatmeal and three sausages.

I made breakfast. I went to the bathroom.

While I was in the bathroom I discovered AR eating one of my sausages.

Me: Did you steal my sausage?

AR, between bites of sausage: No.

When I get out of the bathroom I find her reaching up to my bowl to steal another sausage. After some negotiation I cook two sausages, one for her, one to replace the stolen one, and try to go back to breakfast, at which point she demands that I peel an orang instead.

[personal profile] artan returned from the grocery store, providing a diversion after which she refused to consume both sausage and orange. I tried to convince her to eat her damn sausage.

AR: I don want it. You can have it, mama.

Me: I don't want your sausage! I made my own sausage!

[personal profile] artan: Stolen food is better.

He stole the sausage and took a bite.


He gave her the sausage, at which point she rapidly started eating it.

[personal profile] artan: See? Stolen food is better.

Me: [losing my mind laughing]
I had Slick snuggling me obnoxiously (he is Opaque, and it is effortful to get him to lie down on my chest rather than stand on it, but I had managed it mostly).

He sat up on my breastbone.

He made a sort of quacking noise at my right eyeball (always mildly alarming because suddenly the formless, alarmed void has FANGS).

He took a lock of hair in his teeth and gave it a vigorous shake, like a terrier with a recently-murdered rag toy.

He quacked into my eye again.

And then he flopped back down to cuddle.

WTF, Slicky. WTF.
So it wouldn't get transferred whenif I get around to doing another round of FB kidstory transcription transfers. So I figured I'd transfer it from the tweeters all on its own:

Youngest, asked to count to 10, singing:

“One two three four, can I have a little more, five six seven eight nine blue, I love you! Bom ba bom, sail the ship, bom ba bom, skip the rope, bom ba bom LOOK AT ME! Aw together now.”
[personal profile] artan is cleaning out the turtle tank, which involves siphoning out all the gunk at the bottom, which means a bit of clear tubing coils stretched out across the floor between tank and bathroom.

Slicky - who is the most high-strung of the cats - is obsessed. The coily thing should be pounced on, right? Oh, it's not moving anymore. But wait! There are things shooting down inside the coily thing. Those should be pounced, right? Um. That doesn't work well. In any case the whole affair needs to be Watched. It is Suspicious.

Slick's default expression is pretty much, "Aaa! WHAT IS THAT!" so this is all quite ridiculous.
Many many dreaming last night, let's see how much of it I remember.

Dream log is always cut )
Every so often, of course, when I open the Dread Book, it wants me to remember something I posted N years ago, and possibly share it again, very exciting!

Today it was photographs of the oak that came down three years ago because it was fucking hollow.

I find this really fascinating, given that the back is full of fallen branches because of the windstorms. Apparently this is just the time of year for winds and deadfall?
Having this tweet retweeted by Linda Tirado, who I follow but who does not follow me. Twitter, how does it work?

In any case, the tweet is a bit of amusing pedagogy involving making soda bread with KJ. There are photographs of the instructional materials.
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( Feb. 9th, 2019 01:03 am)
Just submitted some audio clips for an audition as a voice actor for a secondary character in a visual novel.

I'm getting brave in my old age, or something.
I mentioned a spreadsheet!

Image and commentary behind cut.
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Now that I have my computer back I have spent an hour and change getting [personal profile] jenett's help constructing a spreadsheet as noted in a previous entry, which does cool things. One page of it lists a bunch of markets for short stories, their pay rates, and how to submit to them; the other page is starting to list off my stories and takes the data from page 1 and turns it into "is this story too long to submit here Y/N" colorcoding and I went and put in "Invisible Light" and the date I submitted it and then tinted that date grey for the rejection and now I have this row of other places I could theoretically send it to....

Then I put in "A Little Space To Unwind" (currently in submission) and did not tint the date so I can see that that one is in active submission and I can't send it anywhere.

Now I need to wander through my hard drive in search of orphaned stories...

... also I really hope the Space Marine Midwives anthology happens but I am not sure whether or not I should poke the people running it for news it's been over a year....
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( Jan. 22nd, 2019 06:34 pm)
Here's hoping this time it stays fixed.
1) I have recovered the computer, and am attempting to remember where I was in my life when I was interrupted.

2) I got the best rejection letter, and I am so glad I can look at it and say that, only now I have to figure out what other markets to send this story to, and I am not good at figuring that out at all, and should probably, I don't know, make a spreadsheet or something. (Stop laughing, [personal profile] jenett.)
... I start composing a post tentatively entitled "A Theology From Fraggle Rock" in a side doc that I will put up when I have my computer back ...

It begins: 'Please turn in your hymnals to Fraggle Rock 1:18, “The Minstrels”.'
In the future in which I have my computer back I will be able to do more writing. That will be nice. I've actually, over the recent while, done fairly well with organizing fairly consistent fiction writing time, at least when I have the machine handy.

I had a routine for a while of posting blog entries about most of the church services I made to to keep the Suns blog having an active post and I should maybe get back to that. Need to figure out how to keep the authorblog active too. Of course that would be easier if I were also organized enough to be in a cycle of keeping stories going out so I could tell people that I have done so if things sell...

I want to have more time to paint. My experiments with oils are coming out stunningly and it would be good to get more time. (Possibly turning into a larger project as a compilation, but oy.)

And there's other stuff on the computer, if I had the computer. Art stuff. Music stuff I could get back to. (I should... learn how to play the guitar I own....). Things!

Organization is... not one of my better skills.


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