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( Dec. 31st, 2015 08:10 pm)
So we've set up something of a mini weather station here, for mostly KJ and my amusement. This includes a rain gauge.

The other day I went out onto the white stuff to check the content.

The white stuff was very creepy. I did not go through it. The ground creaked ominously as I walked across it, instead. I walked carefully, hoping not to fall.

My first thought, "I'm leaving no tracks."

My second thought, "Ha! I wonder if [ profile] thewronghands could read this spoor!"
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( Oct. 7th, 2015 07:59 pm)
Working on writing for this call for submissions for polytheistic fairy tales has led to me doing research on the following things today:

- bee gods
- mead in mythology
- crafts made from antler
- when does the salmon run happen
- various sorts of dried meat
- nettle cloth

Writing is fun! You learn things!

(The nettle cloth I mostly looked up to confirm my recollection that yes, it's nettles I was remembering. Discovering that one can make cloth out of nettles came about from a previous round of story-related research, maybe a year or so ago.)
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( May. 16th, 2014 10:51 pm)
I, um, may have sent [ profile] jenett a sequence of, like, a half-dozen one-line emails squeeing about various things I've figured out how to do with a wiki....
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( Nov. 28th, 2012 11:38 am)
So since I'm stuck sitting under the baby at the moment I am screwing around with astrology again. [ profile] calpatine summarised my sun/moon/ascendant as "LET'S GO CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER wait plan? what do you mean plan? THAT'S A SECRET".




... not inaccurate.
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( May. 14th, 2012 06:00 pm)
"Consider a frictionless angel falling from heaven...."
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( Oct. 27th, 2011 05:16 pm)
I am suffering from more than the usual horrible temptation to write thumbnail portrait superhero versions of random people I know. Not that I suspect my superhero webcomic will get off the ground in my imminent lifetime, but.
In my ongoing goal of distracting myself from my catastrophic meltdown with painfully ludicrous levels of nerdery, I have been attempting to make sense of the Egyptian ritual calendar again. After acquiring sufficient beer to pad the landing, I am left wondering:

Does anyone know of software that can handle scheduling events in relationship to phases of the moon and other astronomical events? (In an ideal world, this would include the capacity to define and distinguish between twelve-lunar-month and thirteen-lunar-month years according to a ruleset.)

So, suggestions?
More attempts to comb out my brain, meanwhile. This will be written through the haze of horrific headache, so please bear with me if you want to bother reading it at all.

Brief context summary: in ancient times, most mystery traditions were private offshoots of ordinary religious practice, undertaken by the particularly devoted to that set of stuff, the particularly interested, or whatever else. They existed in the context of a surrounding culture that took their raw assumptions as a given and provided what amounts to specialist knowledge.
So let's run with that. )
I was dinking around with the aspects in my natal chart and taking notes on them last night as a cooldown from one of the worst baby days ever, and found the results hilarious. As I just summarised in chat:

[13:20] [Kiya] My sun/moon/Mercury aspects boil down to:
[13:20] [Kiya] "You are so creative that you need to stub your toe on reality a bit to make sure you remember it exists. Fortunately, you're accident-prone."
[13:21] [Kiya] "It's a good thing you're a completely lazy decadent ass because otherwise your poor impulse control and short temper would get you into a LOT of trouble."
[13:21] [Kiya] "You totally want to communicate all the time! It's just that nobody understands you."
[13:21] [Kiya] "Also you have self-image issues."
[13:22] [Kiya] I find this completely hilarious.


[13:26] [Kiya] Oh yeah. Also a tendency towards megalomania.
[13:27] [Kiya] ... and theological analysis.
A couple of quotes pulled out of context:

"My backbrain just said 'It is bad spiritual engineering for your landwight agreements to have single fail points on loadbearing royalty.'  This is why I'm not allowed to talk to normal people."

"... Tain Bo Kachina...."

I think 'Loadbearing Royalty' is probably my favorite phrase for this week, by the way. It's hard to work it into a conversation, though.

In other news, I just wrote a serious theology essay about American Idol. (Well, using bits of this past season of American Idol as prime illustrative example, to be fair.)
Salmon sashimi wrapped around a hazelnut and dipped into soy-wasabi mixture: Very Good.

It's the wise choice.
Curse you, archaeowiki, for having extensive bibliography notes.

Curse you, interesting academic books, for being either not readily findable or four hundred dollars each.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:06 pm)
On this day in 1776, my great-etc.-grandfather inaugurated one of the most hallowed American traditions: the Congressional recess for the July Fourth holiday.

(Okay, he may have left on the second, so it may have been on yesterday in 1776. The New York delegation didn't have permission to vote for the Declaration of Independence, and so they went back to get it.)
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( Feb. 5th, 2007 09:26 pm)
So, while waiting for the TiVo to finish recording a bit of Heroes, we are having an extensive discussion of game show probability theory.

(We are so never getting to go on Deal or No Deal.)
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( Dec. 12th, 2006 02:18 am)
Cut for Warcraft, conversation log )
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( Feb. 13th, 2006 03:40 am)
We seem to have successfully rebooted my cat, and he's now working properly. So that's something.

Went through the PantheaCon schedule and sort of tentatively worked out what things I'd like to attend, barring resolution of conflicts and depending on my mood and capacity. At the moment, I don't have much conflict on major rituals I want to go to -- since I'll be staying at the hotel, I'll be able to get to the Pomba without a problem, nothing conflicts with one of the seidh slots, I'll get to the Bast ritual at last, I need to pick between a Feri ritual and a Brighid one, and [ profile] elfwreck's Discordian ritual.

Need to do packing and prep for trip, which would require actually facing the fact that I'm running low on time to do packing and prep for trip. (And back to my hostile relationship with linear time.)

Word to remember: Amphisbaena

While I'm glad to know I'm still quite skilled at driving myself mad, I do not currently need the practice. So I would like to stop now. Especially since mostly I'm being stressy about the fact that my stress is silly.
    Mischief, sb. [s. OF meschief, meschef, mechef, (mod. méchef), vbl. sb. f. meschever (see MISCHIEVE): ef. Pr. mescap, OCat. menyscab, OSp. mescabo, OPg. mascabo (Sp., Pg. menoscabo loss, deterioration).]

    Mischieve, v. Now dial. or arch. [a. OF meschever to be unfortunate, come to grief. f. mes-, MIS- + chever CHEVE: cf. Sp. menoscabar to impair.]

And thus, the actual matter of concern:
    Cheve, chieve, v. Obs. [ME. cheve, a. OF cheve-r f. chef head; but in sense 6 aphetic f. Eng. ACHIEVE.]

In short: yes, at least when viewed from the correct angle. Also, still not king.

Other notes:

3.9: 828 words. 1478 total. Done. Waugh, that was hard.
3.10: 122 words. Brain broke after that, but I know what's happening, and the page isn't blank.
950 total.

This is one of those evenings where I say, "Why am I...?" and get the chorus of, "Because it's your job" answers. I so need more training. Augh.

Also, the muscles in my legs ache.

... okay, this is funny current music. I'll leave it here.

Addendum: Okay, remembered to bring rum to offer at my ritual obligation. Feeling slightly loopy. Also entertained at the clear direction of "Kala first. Then you drink the rum."

I wonder if I'll sleep.
Doing reading about chaos magic now, on and off, which is being interesting. I read this description of magical models; the first three models I responded to with, "Yes, I've used that one when it seemed to be the most appropriate," the fourth with, "Hm. That could be useful, I'll stash it somewhere and see what happens," and the fifth with, "Heh. That hardly needs iterating, does it?"

Reading about the whole thing leaves me wondering a bit; it reminds me of the time I was shuffling Tarot one lazy day in English class (it was May, and the day of the French IB exam or something so there were five people in class and we were doing nothing much), and someone near me asked me what it was. I told her, and got the response, "You don't . . . believe in that stuff, do you? I mean, you're Science Girl." I said, "I believe in what works." Which is similar but not identical to what I'm picking up about what Chaotes do, as far as I can tell.

Section 67: 847. 1112 total. Done. (Yes, that is less than you'd expect from yesterday's total; I deleted a paragraph.)
Section 68: 363. Done.
1210 total. Which seems to irritate [ profile] oneironaut for some reason.

That means that my None-o total comes to: 22,543 words. Respectable, that.

(Randomthought: Hm. That's something else I need an icon for. Make a mental note, I do. Geekery icon will do. (Vast, pathetic vistas of self-expression.))
Apparently one of the first things Schilling did after getting his contract settled was to donate half a million dollars to the Jimmy Fund (the charity that the Red Sox promote).

Also, apparently his contract forbids him to post to the Sons of Sam Horn message board after midnight. I am massively tickled.

Section 63: 1341 words. Done.
Section 64: 580 words. Done.
I think I want to think about 65 some more.

That's 1921 today, 19400 for November, for an average of 692.857143 wpd. I set myself a goal of twenty kilowords for the month yesterday; I think I can swing that in the next two days.

Oh, hey, [ profile] keshwyn, I mentioned that someone did a really fine pomegranate poem recently -- this is where it is.

Mmm, storminess outside. Yum. No thunder, but lots of wind. (Winnnnnnnnd!)

Still need a 'misc' icon. I'll settle for generalised goodnaturedness.


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