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There aren't really words for that moment of realisation that is not quite horrified in which it becomes clear that the sort of eccentric clothing choices one wishes one had the time, resources, and guts to make are basically "variations upon the Doctor".

The Doctor is perhaps known for questionable sartorial decisions.

(Aw hell I used my top hat icon in the previous entry which is ... yeah.)
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Or perhaps for "eccentric sartorial decisions"?

I can see it, though. Just avoid looking going for something too much like the fifth or sixth Doctors, I think is the main advice there.

Meanwhile, I give you this woman doing seventh-Doctor cosplay, who looks quite stylish in it despite that having been one of the outfits I was going to mention in the previous paragraph.

And I think, really, that a fair bit of what's going on with the Doctor's clothes is that he's taking the more-dramatic and eccentric and flashy aspects of some era's fairly-formal style and pushing it just a bit too far. So, if you go for the dramatic and eccentric and a bit flashy, you'll get variations on the Doctor.
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I was having a similar realization Sunday night.
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