So if I stay up too late, I wind up getting awfully queasy and feel quite godawful, which mostly leads to coughing up vast amounts of phlegm. Which I did last night because I stayed up about five minutes past when I should've.

This led to the following conversation:

[ profile] teinedreugan: *stops snoring, mumbles something indistinct into the pillow* "... cheesecake."
Me: ... what?
[ profile] teinedreugan: I said, you're about to drop half your cheesecake. Onto the floor.
Me: ... *hysterical laughter*
[ profile] teinedreugan: (slightly annoyed) What?
Me: I'd explain it to you, but you're not awake.
[ profile] teinedreugan: Mmmphle.

I did explain it to him, and suggested that he was attempting to keep the weirdness in our relationship on parity by introducing pointilistic surreality into the nighttimes.

And this one, just now:

Me: ... so, do you remember the conversation we had last night when I came to bed?
[ profile] teinedreugan: ... which conversation?
Me: The one where you said I was about to drop my cheesecake.
[ profile] teinedreugan: *hysterical laughter*
Me: Now, that's what I said, but you seemed sort of annoyed with me for laughing at you for telling me I was going to drop my cheesecake.
[ profile] teinedreugan: I can see why, but it really is the correct response.
brooksmoses: (Brooks and Suzanne)

From: [personal profile] brooksmoses

Aren't they, though?

Suzi also does this sort of talking-in-her-sleep thing. This has led to quite a bit of pondering of whether or not that means she and Kevin have entirely surreal conversations that both of them are asleep for and don't remember.


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