"Go Away", by the Crüxshadows
"Oh L'Amour", by Erasure
"The Mary Ellen Carter", by Stan Rogers (the relevant verse/refrain is the last one; replaced original link with one that has the words right)
"First of May", by Jonathan Coulton

Actual random sequence from when I was dyeing my hair.

Sounds like the fellow had a successful rebound. ;)

From: [identity profile] chelidon.livejournal.com

mmm, Stan Rogers. I was singing "Rolling Down to Old Maui" yesterday (rehearsals for Solstice Revels, which Lylythe, Claudia, Angelica and Forest are also in), and it was a very serious challenge not to automatically put in the little ornamentations that Stan does on his live album.

From: [identity profile] apollonides.livejournal.com

Oh wow, I didn't realize Stan did that one. I have it on a a tape that is a 3rd generation copy of an unknown singer that someone in the SCA gave me ten or more years ago. Now I'll have to go looking -- which album is it?


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