So, KJ is taking piano lessons. Amongst her notation knowledge are: quarter note ("ta"), two eighth notes ("ti-ti", also called "two good friends" by her slightly wacky ex-Soviet piano teacher), half note ("ta-a"), and quarter rest; measure, bar line, repeat, DC al fine, treble clef, bass clef, line note, space note.

So I had a bit of music open and was screwing around on the flute (I need to put some music practice into my regular routines, I really do, including teaching myself guitar) when she came home, and I had her look at the music. There was one measure she could actually read (half note, quarter rest, quarter note), which she did.

I pointed to the time signature, and said "this means that there are four 'ta' in every measure". She nodded seriously, and I said "That means that everything here adds up to four ta", sweeping my finger along the lines that included sixteenth notes, triplets, and various and sundry.

We puttered along peering at the music, and she asked what a symbol was. "Eighth rest", I said. "Ti rest!" Then she pointed at the solitary, unpaired eighth note.

"What's that?"

"That's an eighth note without a friend."

In tones of great mournful sympathy, she said, "Awwwww."

(Then I pointed at the whole note and said "How many beats do you think that note is?" She peered at it, and said, "Four.")
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( Nov. 11th, 2014 12:37 am)
KJ is singing "Let it Go" in her sleep.

This is at least more coherent and comprehensible than most of the things [ profile] teinedreugan says in his sleep....
KJ is joyously partaking of a special treat outside.

A hot dog with a bun.
Getting back to this.

In arbitrary Facebook-defined order!

Cut cut cut. )
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( Dec. 5th, 2013 04:13 pm)
Dance around singing "Happy birthday to Han'kah! Happy birthday to you!"
Facebook Archive process previously included Facebook only bothering to have me notice a tiny fraction of what I said. So this is some of the rest of it.

Contains kid stories, kvetching, and status updates on the writing process for the Traveller's Guide. Moderately complete archive.

2010 archive revisited, April-June )
I apparently didn't have much to say on FB in 2011.

Archive is cut. )
These are my status updates from Facebook for the relevant time period (at least the ones I felt worth copying over), primarily copied to put KJ stories here.

Goodness, I hadn't realised I'd been screwing around with FB that long.

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( Dec. 18th, 2012 12:52 am)
This evening KJ came in to say good night to me and asked for some bedtime nursing. She's been getting increasingly erratic about this over time, much to my something-or-other, and tonight she popped off the breast, looked at me with an expression of faint confusion, and said, "There's no sleep meem in there."
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( Dec. 1st, 2012 10:32 pm)
I did a long-planned ritual tonight, which involved my grandmother being placed in a position of prominence on the ancestor shrine and a lot of talking. KJ was involved with the process for a number of reasons, and thus had some commentary.

She was heading off downstairs afterwards to get a before-bed diaper change from [ profile] artan_eter, and asked how Grandy M was doing. (Grandy M being my mother.)

"That wasn't Grandy M," [ profile] artan_eter explained. "That was Grandy J. Grandy M's mama."


I explained, "That is your mama's mama's mama."

KJ was very thoughtful as she declared, "... that's a lot of mamas."
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( Nov. 20th, 2012 09:50 am)
I need to start pulling my conversations-with-kids and kids-anecdotes down off FB and archiving them here, but until then:

[ profile] artan_eter, in the distance talking to the handymen: ... and this house was flipped by monkeys before we got it...
KJ: It got *flipped*.
Me: Yes.
KJ: The house got *flipped*.
Me: Yes, sweetie.
KJ: HOW it get flipped?
Me: ... that's what the people did before we got it.
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( Nov. 6th, 2012 03:40 pm)
KJ: "Where we going?"
[ profile] artan_eter: "We're going to go vote. Do you want to vote?"
KJ: "Yeah."
[ profile] artan_eter: "Do you want to be a donkey or an elephant?"
KJ, after some thought: "El'phun."
Me: "Are you going to reform the Republican Party?"
KJ: "Yeah. ... ... ... where's the party?"
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( Jul. 27th, 2012 03:45 pm)
Me: Is it too late to nap the Katie?
[ profile] artan_eter: Well, that depends. Do you intend to sleep tonight?
KJ: No.
[ profile] artan_eter: Then no! It's not!
Me: ... ... ...!
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( Oct. 7th, 2011 11:55 am)
Made the curry again last night, as it's one of the few things that [ profile] whispercricket is currently able to eat.

Brought over the yoghurt for the yoghurt-frying stage, and got an immediate, "MAMA TURN!"

... guess we'll have to wait on her being helpful with that bit for a while. ;)
Paying attention to her obsessions pays off. Given that she is prone to fishing the mesh bag of garlic out of the hamper and run about proclaiming, "A garly! A garly!" (or possibly "I got it! I got it!"), saving the garlic-chopping for when she wakes up from her nap so I can say "Could you get me some garlic?" lets her feel helpful and involved.

Her fort ([ profile] whispercricket discovered something called a 'learning tower' and [ profile] artan_eter built one), which brings her safely up to the level of seeing the counter, remains completely awesome, especially now that she can climb in and out of it on her own.

As it happens, the dish I was making for dinner involves a lot of whole spices. Whole spices are an awesome thing for toddler assistance. I was grinding some stuff up in the mortar and pestle and said "I need eight of these," and handed her a packet of bay leaves. She carefully extracted one from the bag. "One," I said, and she extracted another, and we counted up to eight in a tidy little heap and then put the bag away.

Similar counting was done with whole cloves and cardamom pods, though that was a lot more numbers (hard to keep her attention), and accomplished by pouring some out on the counter and having her count them into a bowl. Afterwards, the leftovers were restored to the jar with "We have to clean up the mess!" and she gleefully put the caps back on. Whole spices are a plus.

This time making the curry I braved moving the fort over next to the stove so she could watch. I asked her what was in the pot, and got "Ons!", with a little prompting, "Garly!", and finally "Ginge!"

There is a sequence in the procedure that involves frying yoghurt; I measured out the quantity into a bowl, got one of her spoons (Chinese soup spoons - she finds them easier to handle without spilling), and we took turns putting the yoghurt into the korma. At least up until she dribbled a little fluid onto the burner, which made a rather remarkable hissing noise and provoked cackles of glee, but after which she was unwilling to do more than fill the spoon. ("Mama turn!")

She serves as an excellent cheerleader. (Last week's curry had me trying to cut the ends off garlic cloves with some very thick shells, and she studied what I was doing and then earnestly said, "Mama push!") Today, I pulled the chopped chicken out to put in - [ profile] artan_eter had put it in two bowls. I put one in, and got the declaration "Meat! Mo meat!" and vigorous pointing as if I might forget the other bowl.

She thought the salt water that got added was tea, because it came out of the kettle.

She thinks that food that is being cooked under a lid should be "Ope!" when she wants to look at it. This is unsurprising; she is two.

"Beep go! Beep go!" Toddler reminder systems on timers are useful, also adorable.

Other catering to her obsessions: at the end when the cream gets poured in, she climbed up into her tower and, with a little bit of assistance, poured it into the curry.

She has, however, not considered actually eating any.
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( Jul. 21st, 2011 06:14 pm)
[ profile] whispercricket: "My car is a wonderland."
Me: "It is full of buttons!"
[ profile] whispercricket: "And if she pushes the right one, it LIGHTS UP and there is MUSIC, and if she twiddles the little knob it DOES THINGS."

So apparently KJ climbed into [ profile] whispercricket's car, turned it on, turned on the radio, found a station playing Van Halen, cranked up the volume, and rocked out.

My kid!
KJ: Myow.
Cat: Mew.
KJ: Myow.
Cat: Mew.
KJ: Meah, myeah, myow myow.
Cat: Mrrr.
KJ: Myoww.
Me: What are you and Arthur talking about?
KJ: Meow!
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( Jul. 12th, 2011 01:09 pm)
KJ watches the screen with the little orange plane icon indicating [ profile] teinedreugan's flight. "Da da da da da. Pwees dat. Da da da."

I tell KJ that Daddy will be home soon. "Hooooome. Hum. Pwees dat. Da da da."

In other news, she appears to have named her stuffed penguin "Duck".
This is relayed from [ profile] whispercricket.

So there is a drawing program she has on her iPhone called Zenbrush. This has been placed in the KJ Games section of the iPhone.

[ profile] artan_eter used this to draw a stick figure with long, straight hair. KJ labelled this figure "Ma ma ma!"

[ profile] whispercricket then added curly hair to the figure.

KJ then identified it as "Tee-tee." Because apparently she is aware that her defining characteristic is "flufflehead".

She then pointed to the blank space next to Tee-tee, and said, "Mama." A new stick figure was drawn - again with straight hair - and declared, with grave satisfaction, "Ma ma ma."

(This fine example of parental artwork can be found here.)


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