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([personal profile] kiya Aug. 13th, 2017 10:51 am)
Travel plan sorting, notes for self.

Launder all the things
Prep week of clothing (shirts, bottomness, underwear)
Find sufficient clothing for ER

Make KJ pack a week of clothing, entertainments
Locate and pack swimming togs
Write eclipse post for Pagan Bloggers
Make sure arrangements are made for the van to go into the shop
ER carseat to car
Car games? Car snacks?
Pillows &c for drive
Travel diapers, salve
Pack for trip: Camera, camera battery
Pack for trip: Toiletries
Pack for trip: Misc charging cables
Pack for trip: eclipse glasses
Sort out plans with the pinkhouse people
Paper maps for KJ

Finish off oatmeal by Wednesday morning


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