If anyone is up for helping me brainstorm, I am seeking:

Suggestions for names/images of people who are simultaneously leaders of a movement/action involving the long arc curving towards justice and synecdoche for that movement/action in popular discourse.


Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcolm X
Bree Newsome

as for examples.

Susan B. Anthony is probably the first wave icon most recognisable. Hrm. I know there were notable black feminists of her time but I cannot bring names to mind; must fix.

Gandhi. (My examples are rather US-centric and while that isn't a problem for the project per se I don't want to be explicitly US-centric.) Nelson Mandela.

I need enough visually 'I recognise this person as an Icon' people to make the ones who aren't visually recognisable clearly 'okay, even though I don't know who that is, they must be, also, an Icon'. (I don't expect most people would recognise Bree Newsome on the street, f'ex, but I suspect the silhouette of her up a flagpole would be appropriately Iconic.)

Miss Major, I think. Harvey Milk?

Crazy Horse. Some of the young people behind the DAPL protests.


Also seeking:

Iconic artists/musicians/etc. whose work provided rallying points for similar matters. Johnny Cash. Pete Seeger. Phil Ochs. Possibly Freddie Mercury, given Queen's particular cultural role and his death. Um. Things.


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