[livejournal.com profile] arawen reclaimed the barcode scanner today, so it is time for me to work on cataloguing books that the scanner didn't work on, which is the dozen or more boxes in the room here, the mass market paperbacks upstairs, and stuff. In the fiveish days I had the scanner, I went from 598 books (assembled painstakingly over the course of since-November-when-we-moved-in) to 1261 books in the database. Some of that was the scanner, much was upgrading the program.

I baffled [livejournal.com profile] teinedreugan mightily this evening by calling his cellphone while he was on the way home from work and declaring, "WE HAVE NO MEATS!"

I did not dig any holes today. However, [livejournal.com profile] teinedreugan finished putting together my raised bed boxes, and we extracted the dirt from his car and moved it to where the beds are. So I'll probably be filling them with dirt tomorrow.

I am amazed that my joints have held up through all this, though my shoulder was strained earlier this week (I babied it a day or two). I did, however, manage to injure both my heels to the point of bleeding today, in fits of spectacular grace and failure to navigate the Huge Heaps of Books.

Friendly Orange Cat has been traced to the immediate neighbors. I was chatting with FOC, the neighbors came out, and he immediately ran over to them. "He likes you more than me" I called to them. "Well, he lives heah."

Life is boring and domestic. I imagine I will become entertaining again sometime, but for now, my life is almost entirely composed of gardening and boxes of books with occasional brief interludes of other things. Perhaps as a substitute for being interesting I will, when I find the camera, take pictures of either the gardening or the boxes of books.

Have meats now. Mm, dinner.

From: [identity profile] suzanne.livejournal.com

However, teinedreugan finished putting together my raised bed boxes

Ah, yes. the boxes that you wanted to plant things in. *raises eyebrows*
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I have an extra cuecat scanner, if you would like to borrow it.



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