And other miscellanea. Not in chronological order.

Went to the game tonight with [ profile] rivka and [ profile] curiousangel. And my brother, who was late due to congenital disorganisation, but showed up (we missed the first inning; I had to reconstruct the scorecard from the at-bat information later). The Orioles played well. My brother (an A's fan) heckled everyone. "Let's go, Red Sox" in the second managed to thoroughly drown out and quell the actual O's fans present for a while. There was an awfully cute baby next to us.

Me to [ profile] rivka: You stole our seventh inning!
[ profile] rivka: You really should lock your clubhouse.
[ profile] teinedreugan: But they did it in the sixth.
Me again: Well, they had to, otherwise we'd have it.

Other thoughts and notices from trip: There's a field west of the park on 28 that's slated for them to build a church. (Episcopalian, I believe.) The field is empty, mowed down, and on the crest of a hill is a wooden cross, weathered, brown and grey, with a ribbon of green draped over it in the sort of 'M' shape one gets draping ribbons of cloth over crosses.

I think it's perfect.

And they're just going to ruin it putting a building there.

(This observation provoked [ profile] teinedreugan into starting a conversation with me about the human-centric tendencies of modern Christianity, but that's a thought for another entry, if at all.)

Hung out Friday with Aga and my little brother Ben who is no relation to me and [ profile] vectorvillain. Had pizza at my father's place. Were very fuzzed by a geriatric cat, who is shouting at me as I type this.

Much of today before the game was occupied with [ profile] teinedreugan trying to make his parents' DSL work, poor fellow. We got a Windows 98 disc from [ profile] sstaten by hanging out in his basement for a while while it took an hour to read and then failed to burn. (Ack.)

Failed to get to the Baltimore Book Thing. ([ profile] rivka, do you know about this?) May try on the way home tomorrow.

It's very weird to have a lengthy conversation with someone, feel a profound need to talk it over with someone, and feel even more profoundly that it's too private to discuss. Will probably have Daily Rite when I get home so I can talk to someone who was there about it.

And that's the news from Darnestown bordering on North Potomac (where all the women are primped, all the men are accountants, and all the children are amazingly trendy). (Mutter mutter bike lanes.)
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