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( Aug. 15th, 2007 12:35 am)
Not entirely in the best of health, in various forms, which is irksome and kind of exhausting.

Had a fit of 'must stave off depression' which led to sorting two boxes of books in the basement and cataloguing them, which means I've found a big stack of paperback Discworld novels. Which means I can in theory start on my project that involved reading through those and taking notes on magical paradigms.

This week is full of crazed scheduling foo. And things I'm both anxious about and unable to talk about usefully, which is not much damn use.

Must organise stuff for business. Which overloads me fairly easily. Which probably means I should up my oil caps, doesn't it? Oy.

Meanwhile, this nice Warcraft-related artwork, from [ profile] oneironaut: Tonkz and Mr. Whiskers

Don't expect coherence.

ETA: Of all the newsgroups to spambomb into oblivion ... WTF?
Poetry is hard. And the OL refuge/backup is down, depriving me of people to whinge at about this.

Newsgroup dynamics are fascinating things. I was finally driven to mention exactly what I think of R.L. on rasfc, and the current state of ap is ... fascinating, between the melodramatic drama queen and Orlando rampant on field gules.

I shouldn't have to say things like "Don't break my traps" and "Don't pull the mob you're offtanking into my dead zone" and think things like "Why are you offtanking that way the hell away from the main tank, rendering my ability to hit more than one target completely useless" to a level 70. Really. I shouldn't.

My left knee has a welt on it about the size of the mouth of a coffee mug, for unknown reason (presumably something bit me sometime today). I have applied antibiotic ointment, which appears to have made it itch slightly less, though it's still gigantic and red.

I'm out of cats to vacuum. Back to "Poetry is hard."

ETA: The other thing that I wanted to mention is that I seem to have a back-process of my brain pondering what Hamlet would be like if he had a mantic disposition.
[Guild] [Samhchair]: DONE
[Guild] [Omriaja]: Yay!
[Guild] [Samhchair]: You receive loot: [The hell out of Dodge]
[Guild] [Omriaja]: *laugh*
[Guild] [Omriaja]: I wanted that to be a real object. I really did.
[Guild] [Omriaja]: So much that I clicked on it in the hopes that something that funny would exist.
[Samhchair] says: Hail, Marauders. ;)
Eagleeyee waves at you.
[Dooky] says: hey there
[Samhchair] says: <--- Ceallach's wife.
[Eagleeyee] says: ah
[Dooky] says: well, hello Mrs Ceallach
You grin wickedly.

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( Dec. 12th, 2006 02:18 am)
Cut for Warcraft, conversation log )
[ profile] whispercricket: Proper execution is when things die!

... well, yes.
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( Sep. 6th, 2006 02:06 am)
Sunday evening, my Warcraft installation ate itself alive. Again. Unlike the other time this happened, it was extremely resistant to repair. We tried deleting the corrupted file and restarting; we tried repatching, we tried reinstalling about umpty-leven times and had it stall out every time, we tried this with and without rebooting and with rebooting in various limited-addon modes, we tried this with defragmenting, we ran Ad-Aware and cleared the cruft out, we copied the install disks to the hard drive and tried to go from there, we tried using the other install disks.

Finally, [ profile] teinedreugan said "Okay, reboot it, try one last time, and if that doesn't work I'll reinstall the OS tomorrow."

I rebooted it, tried again, and it installed.

The hell.

Meanwhile, I have braindumped about stupid frustrating stupidity at [ profile] ardaniel, and also a little about my crazy, and I have packed a box, and I need to do laundry.

Also, I have the damnedest conversations with [ profile] oneironaut:
Tesla pages: The blood type thing. I know how procreation works. When a man and a woman love each other very much, she ties him to a table, and....'
So I'm kicking around in Ironforge killing a little time while I decide where I want to grind the last few bars for my warlock engineer to get to fifty, and I spot, on the trade channel, someone saying, "Looking for an engineer to make thorium shells, my mats."

I whisper the guy and say, "I can do that for you." Promptly get a group invite and meet up with the guy at the anvil. He hands me twenty thorium bars and twenty dense stone, I get a look at him -- and specifically at his guild tag: Midnight Marauders.

MM is the guild that [ profile] sstaten, [ profile] teinedreugan, and [ profile] whispercricket moved their raiding characters to. I cracked up.

Then we had this conversation:
    [Majnun] Thank you for assisting me maxing out my engineering skill. 300 ftw. :)
    [Xeviar] glad I could help!
    [Xeviar] you know we have merged with a couple people from Unseelie
    [Majnun] Yup. Two of them are sitting on the couch behind me.
    [Xeviar] and if your looking for a raiding guild, just give anyone a tell
    [Xeviar] hell yeah, if you were ever interestead, send your old officer or me a tell, Im an officer with MM
    [Xeviar] thanks for the shells
    [Majnun] If you need any more thorium shells, just ask. :)
    [Majnun] Ceallach knows my alts.
    [Xeviar] will do Maj. Ah yes, ceallach, the badass druid
    [Majnun] *laugh* He'd be so pleased to know you said that.

And, in fact, [ profile] teinedreugan said, "HA!" when I relayed it.
Typing as in the original; I know how to spell 'paladin'. ;)

[2. Trade] [Cerohuman] I'm a lil Palidan, short and stout. Here is my hammer, here is my mount. When I go into battle, I scream and shout! Then I pop my bubble and hearthstone out!
[2. Trade] [Shakta] that has to be the most creative spam I've seen in ages. :)
[2. Trade] [Cerohuman] We sing it alot on the Horde side ;)
So I'm amusing myself by throwing rose petals at people (left over from Valentine's Day event), and get this comment:

[ profile] whispercricket: I feel like I'm in some immensely shoujo drama. The object of my affections runs by surrounded with flowers and then I am surrounded with flowers too, and ... okay. I have go go kill something.
So I didn't get in at the beginning of that AV game.

I just left it.

It's been going for eleven hours.

It's still not over. (Which means my primary purpose in playing -- getting the token for the game -- was foiled. And I lose the bits of bonus honor I actually managed to get.)

My secondary purpose (not losing sergeant rank) should be maintained with my 1800+ honorable kills, however. (Previous lifetime total: 1996, I think.)

I left the game because I am so tired I am likely to shoot myself in the foot.

Also, I ran out of arrows.

That's after restocking mid-battle.

[ This entry will make no sense to those who don't speak Warcraft. ]
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( Nov. 7th, 2005 02:49 am)
[ profile] teinedreugan thinks I may have some sort of cold, as I seem to have a persistent sinus headache and core temperature more wack than usual. Mutter. (I suspect the headache of being a major factor in the crankiness, as that abated slightly after the painkillers happened.)

I am not having any luck getting 3.9 started. This is one of those critical scenes for setting up a bunch of other stuff, and I'm just staring at it blankly. I don't know, maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow when I'm trying to make a workday of it rather than just trying to get a little done here or there. All the things that I need to get written aside from that are also poking at me with tremendous force, so tomorrow will be productive Or Else.

Got back on Warcraft for the first time in over a week (distracted) and had a productive time of it -- bunch of Silithus quests finished, plus the small guild alliance did a Baron raid to great success. (Sam now has three pieces of the Beaststalker set, only one person died the whole run, and [ profile] teinedreugan was a successful furry tank.)

My brain is full of random, ill-connected scraps of junk. This is not useful for anything. The bits of junk I can do stuff with I have done stuff with, and the rest is thrashing around like a beached trout.

Also, I need lamp oil.

[ profile] arawen should note current music.
    Whitney says, ". . . this Warcraft party is only getting worse."
    Tesla? [[ profile] oneironaut]
    Whitney says, "The most recent joy was 'i love masturbating' mavved to the chat channel."
    Brooks [[ profile] brooksmoses] says, "Wondrous."
    Whitney says, "So tempted to wipe."
    Brooks says, "Wipe?"
    Tesla says, "Well, at least you know it's probably not a fabrication."
    Whitney says, "Wipe = everyone dies. I am basically the only competent player."
    Whitney says, "So if I stop using all my skill, we all die."
    Whitney says, "Also, we ran into something bigger than us, I don't thinkw e could have beaten it if I'd cared."
    Brooks says, "Heh."
    Whitney rezzes at the spirit healer and leaves the party. "That group was, and I speak from experience, more painful than being bit on the tit by a python."
    Brooks says, "Ouch."

This was rendered even more "learning experience theater" by the fact that I hadn't picked up the paladin quest that I was trying to do when I was invited into the group. But . . . I was the only competent/functional healer, despite having a druid in the party. I was certainly the only one doing buffs . . . despite having a druid in the party. There was a warlock, briefly; he soulstoned me, and a good thing too, and then left, because he was much smarter than I am. The hunter kept attacking non-aggressives, which would run away eventually and collect a bunch of aggressives to kick our collective asses until I remembered to judge them unable to flee and managed to pull it off consistently. The hunter kept attacking non-aggressives even when other party members were seriously wounded and I was sitting down to replenish mana after spending the last non-aggressive fight keeping the hunter standing. Even after I'd pointed at an aggressive to suggest target. Oh, and none of them could figure out how to share the quests, so I was just there to keep their sorry asses roughly upright. Oh yeah, and they put looting on free-for-all (which I hate under pretty much all circumstances), didn't take it off when it was suggested that it was unfair that they were looting all the magic items (and clams, which were my secondary reason for being there in the first place), and . . . yeah. I had to tell them that the jumping puzzle was a jumping puzzle two or three times. They kept mothing uselessly against an unclimbable wall.

We hit the first named -- the turtle -- wiped (I'd already used the soulstone on a previous wipe), and I took that as an excuse to get the hell out of dodge. I think I want to hug my guildmates for not being lobotomised ditzes with no discernable capabilities at playing the game now.

Further learning experiences, deducable from content of the above-quoted bit, cut for the sake of ophidiophobes. )

Plugged my name into a quizzy thing [ profile] nemtetsemnewty posted and got courtesy-cut ) which entertains me to incredibly stupid levels. No, really?

I made pan-roasted chicken and corn on the cob for dinner. It was good. (I'd been wanting to do pan-roasted chicken for a while, it's one of my favorite dishes, and [ profile] whispercricket's presence was a good excuse -- it makes three breasts.)

Uh, other updates on life -- yesterday we had all the windows replaced with shiny new double-paned windows. They were installed by a team of terrifyingly efficient Brazilians. (The fact that they were speaking Portuguese made me feel much less worried that I had completely lost my capacity to understand spoken Spanish . . .)

Writing a bunch of sidhe putting forth effort to be impressive is still bloody difficult.


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