Today, we concluded the Semtek campaign, which was three years of gaming. My somewhat difficult to understand character does not get any more comprehensible when she apotheosises, but she seems to have an easier time getting her point across now ... This whole being a god thing has completely failed to faze her; I think her only actual thought about it is that it will probably make it easier for her to invent dragons in the long run, as she was having a hard time with the project as a mortal. (Mind, even before this process she was the sort of person who could spend three days studying a rock without really noticing the passage of time; she's just shifted orders of magnitude in her inability to keep track of time.)

In other things worth commenting on, had very useful conversations and an exceedingly pleasant night with [ profile] arawen. Levelled the rogue to 31 in keeping with my 'every time I log her in I level her up once' goal, with the assistance of [ profile] sstaten. Confirmed that I really, really need to avoid even cooked carrots, and would like the swelling in my throat to go down now please, really, it's been eight hours.
May do two session summaries tonight, for I am very far behind and the one after this was fairly short. Depends on how the getting work done stuff goes in between summaries.

Semtek: Session 18 )

(Concluding quote that I've forgotten the context for:
    "C'mon, tell me! Don't make me read your mind!"
    - Adosar
For lack of creative titling, I shall fall back on weird pop lyrics. (And hey, I should pull some stuff off this CD. I wonder where I put it. . . .) Heh, and now that I'm playing the CD I have a much, much better title off it. So that's all good.

This is another attempt to work on catching up because there's game tomorrow and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to have to stare at it a lot because this one's being awfully fuzzy.

Semtek: Session 17 )
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( Aug. 7th, 2003 05:30 pm)
I last wrote a session summary three months ago, and it was fifteen. Since we're having session twenty day after tomorrow, it's desperately time to do some catching up.

This will also occupy my brain for a bit while I try to figure out how to start section 20 of the WIP, which is foiling me horribly.

*scurries back and rereads 15 to get some context*

Semtek Game: Session Summary 16 )
Life continues belated.

Semtek: Session 15 )

And I discovered, to my agitation, when I started to write this, that I had several session quotes that I don't remember why I wrote them down. Which somewhat derails my tendency to use the session quotes as a guideline to what happened in the session. Clearly I need to be better organised with this summary thing.
I've been doing this for a while. It occurs to me that it would probably be worthwhile to pull up previous summary URLs. So:

Session Summary: Semtek Session 9 )

My head hurts. I'd think about what I want to take for my feat (we made sixth level) but I think I would rather sleep and hope that that makes my head not hurt. But I've finished the summary, so [ profile] oneironaut won't throttle me. ;)
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( Jan. 7th, 2003 03:02 am)
Okay. This entry not only contains a session summary, but a work-in-progress sketch of my character as I suspect she'll look something like ten levels from now.

First, the sketch. )
Session Summary: Semtek Session 8 )
Okay, this is really terrifically belated, but I have excuses! Right after gaming, my brain was full. And then I was away for a week and stuff.

But now I bring you. . .
Semtek: Session 7 Summary )
Today [ profile] teinedreugan and I went to [ profile] keshwyn and [ profile] jikharra's house for our irregular game of D&D, and thus did we play D&D, and it was good.

And thus we have. . .
Semtek: Session Summary 6 )
After gaming, [ profile] teinedreugan and I went to Mary's and I ate lots of Chinese food fairly quickly. I still feel quite full of contents. (Kevin thought I ate quickly for me. I pointed out that I ate quickly on a general scale, which was mindbogglingly fast for me. He allowed as how i had a point.)

That is not what this entry is about. But if I put it there I don't have to dither about doing it later.

No, what this entry is about is . . .
Semtek: Session 5 Summary )
It is cold and wet and icky and I am really really socialled out right now. However, I have made cocoa and will now write up the gaming session summary for today's D&D session, as best as I'm capable of doing.

Mm. Cocoa. Even if I did just scorch my throat. (And even if I still have a headache. Sigh.)

Session Summary: Session 4 )
And much thanks to [ profile] keshwyn for ginger tea, which makes my stomach muchly happier. (And now I remember this -- said tea was acquired in Cali. [ profile] brooksmoses, do you suppose you could keep your eye open for such and bring it out with you if you find some? I would be muchly appreciative, and express my gratitude in whatever way you found preferable.)

This one's all in character, more or less. Though I'm still not sure about the spellings of most of the names. :}
Gaming Session Summary: Semtek Session 3 )
Game Summary: Session 2 )

I seem to start writing these out of character and get more into character as time goes by. . .

Kevin's D&D3 campaign started last night. Four players: me, [ profile] keshwyn, Darker, and one of Kevin's gaming friends.
So. Gaming babble. )


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