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( Sep. 26th, 2007 06:56 pm)
[ profile] teinedreugan: You could use the rice cooker.
Me: It is physically possible for me to use the rice cooker, yes.
[ profile] teinedreugan: ... why wouldn't it be?
Me: I was just agreeing with you. I could use the rice cooker.
[ profile] teinedreugan: You won't, though.
Me: Yes. But it is possible for me to do so.
[ profile] teinedreugan: I love you. Even when you berate me.
Me: I'm not berating you. I'm mocking you. There's a difference.
[ profile] teinedreugan: *sigh* You're pedantic, too.

(That last of course being a reference to [ profile] nancylebov's button, "I'm not pompous. I'm pedantic. There's a difference." Which I gave to my father once.)

State of the me: I had a little lunch without needing to dose myself with drugs or ginger tea in order to not be violently ill! Bonus!

Still feel like shit.
There's this meme thing going around in which one goes to find one's 42nd LJ post and evaluates it as the meaning of one's life. Mine is a locked thing, which summarises as follows:

While I was figuring out how to properly chronicle some highly involved, affectionate whimsy (involving strange naming practices, randomly brightening the day of a loved one, and silly uses of magic), my brother called me. He wanted to let me know that he and Dad had taken my advice on how to resolve their differences and were hoping to be on better terms henceforth.

That ... sounds about right. (The involved, affectionate whimsy is actually post #41, but it's referenced in post #42, so "While I was being very, very silly, I got a report in on my pastoral counselling" is a fair summary.)

I know I've used that post title before, but I think it's been a couple of years, so I can recycle an old joke. It goes with the mood, which is mostly full of the sort of emotion that's why I made this icon in the first place. I ... can't explain. I mostly just want to chronicle for the record. I will walk alone by the black, muddy river, singing a song of my own; all I wanted was a piece of the night.
[ profile] arawen currently smells pleasantly, if disconcertingly, of rose and cherry ....
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( Dec. 21st, 2006 01:33 pm)
Happy anniversary, love.
[ profile] arawen: Tell you what, when I get elected king of Wisconsin, I'll buy you a parrot.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2006 07:30 pm)
Tesla [[ profile] oneironaut] finds some Twizzlers!
Tesla then chokes to death on one.
Tesla says, "Twizzlers are a two-edged sword."
Whitney says, "YOu're cute."
Tesla says, "Two things are notable about this exchange, aside from my untimely demise."
Tesla says, "One, I seem to be doing that cute thing a lot lately. Two, it's hilarious the things you think are cute when I do them."
Whitney says, "Note that I found [ profile] arawen's threat to pull his enemies' lungs out their ears adorable. (He found that a little alarming.)"
Tesla says, "So you find [ profile] arawen threatening violence to other people cute, and me committing violence upon myself with candy cute."
Whitney says, "So it would seem."
Tesla says, "[ profile] arawen seems to be getting the long end of the stick. ;)"
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( Aug. 28th, 2006 11:37 pm)
I discovered that [ profile] teinedreugan had not caught up on LJ and thus had missed my previous post, and thus explained it to him in summary with the usual gesticulations and snarky comments. The following exchange ensued:

    [ profile] teinedreugan: I love you.
    Me: I love you too.
    [ profile] teinedreugan: I laugh at your jokes!
    Me: You giggle manically at my ranting. There is a difference. ... not always a large difference, but ....
    [ profile] teinedreugan: True.
    Me: You seemed to particularly like "If he'd taken his two neurons out and rubbed them together vigorously ..."
    [ profile] teinedreugan: Yes.

Now, if I had a good photo of [ profile] teinedreugan and me being, y'know, [ profile] teinedreugan and me, I'd use it as an icon for this post. I do not, however; this should be fixed. Ohhh, people with cameras ....
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( Jun. 2nd, 2006 12:31 am)
So last week I went out and got underwear, a double boiler, and a monkey.

Cut. Includes photo. Also really random maundering. )
A random link: Spong reviews The Da Vinci Code.

Am back at home after a busy weekend.

Let's see. Stuff: [ profile] arawen picked me up Saturday morning though I don't think we got out of the house until after noon. Had random sushi for lunch. Helping with bookcases was diverted by the need to deal with an invasion of ants which were carrying their larvae up the front of his house and into a hole up under the eaves, which was behaviour Not Approved Of. So there was agitated ant-slaughtering and roof repair. And afterwards a great deal of enjoying of each other's company (which left me with a slightly dislocated right hip).

Sunday there was much work on bookcases, which started before I got up because I didn't sleep well and so stayed in bed for an hour and a half or so later than [ profile] arawen did. Funniest help request was, "Could I use you as a stand?" Various things were accomplished. I think we watched a couple of episodes of an anime, plus also some Babylon 5 commentary which provoked me into reading [ profile] lysana's rendition of how Stephen Furst got the role of Vir, though that may have been Saturday. We went out for what I'm pretty sure was our first doing-something-as-a-couple sort of dinner, and thus I consumed vast quantities of sushi (including, as it happened, my first fish-based sushi -- this is extremely impressive, as I haven't willingly consumed fish in probably over twenty years because fishy-smell leaves me feeling ill). Much affirming snuggling and talking, even if [ profile] arawen does have a marbles in a funnel problem.

Slept better last night, woke up before the alarm, woke up [ profile] arawen. He made me breakfast. More carpentry, in which I was minimally helpful mostly in the fetching and carryingness. Had leftover sushi for lunch. Went to hardware store (minioning mostly limited to pushing the cart and answering, "Is there anything else I've been whining that I don't have?" with "Time, world domination, and a pony"), stuff. Eventually came home, said hi to [ profile] teinedreugan and [ profile] suzimoses, helped them heckle The Chronicles of Riddick, watched the end of the ballgame, and saw [ profile] arawen off to the airport where he is collecting [ profile] whispercricket from her weekend of dealing with crazy people.

Thus was my weekend of sex and carpentry. (With bonus sushi and ants.)
Away (not in the actual, y'know, significantly away from where I usually am, but nonetheless away from home) this weekend, thus not in my usual state of semi-perpetual awareness of the internet. So, y'know, don't expect to hear from me, unless you do.

My ineffectuality, while dominating much of the day, has more or less dissolved in light of my need to try out the double boiler (the acquisition of which was previously mentioned). However, I was mightily startled when the flower sprig I was stripping emitted a rather drowsy and unimpressed bee at me. (The bee was safely ejected to the vicinity of the azalea once I recovered from Exaggerated Startle Reflex-land.)

[ profile] suzimoses is here safely.

[ profile] whispercricket has emailed me to inform me about the state of [ profile] arawen's adorableness. I am appropriately awww.
There comes a point in any relationship where one person desires a nap and the other doesn't. Unfortunately, when that time comes when the first person is using the second person as a pillow, it makes it difficult to read and comment on usenet ....

My evening, in summary, modified only by insertion of usernames (all the actual names were spelled correctly, with proper capitalisation even). )
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( Apr. 2nd, 2006 08:31 pm)
I am about as tired as anticipated.

Also, [ profile] oneironaut made me a shiny thing! With extremely clever quotation marks.
I have a new icon. It is keyworded "sex". It is not a rhododendron.

Okay, that was the cryptic joke content. Now to be serious for a moment:

Here's to working to learn how to believe I'm worth the effort.
Today I'm thinking that it takes guts to go out and be beautiful in public.

It's much safer to keep the beauty tucked away in the private nooks, only bringing it out to show a few trusted people, if anyone is allowed to see it at all. It's easy to lose it, forget it, misplace it in the corners of the mind.

When I dare to be beautiful, I am exposed: my reality is presented where others might see it, and those others might dismiss it, ignore it, miss it entirely. If I never show it, it can never be rejected.

But there is abundance, there is bounty; this is not a universe of scarcity. I cannot afford to be a miser and hoard away precious things in solitude; I learn to show beauty in private places, to safe people who will not treat it with contempt. I grow, I step forward, I allow myself to be beautiful in moments, in little instants, fleeting eyeblinks. Perhaps someday I will have the guts to be beautiful all the time.

And then I will shake my tail and fill the seven heavens with my thunder.
... but the velvet painter (who is going out of business and thus has all her stuff on sale) has resolved my what-shirt-for-the-Pomba problem. At, I would note, half price.

Because, y'know, the gorgeous sexy red shirt is exactly what the orixa ordered.

I expect Certain People to be very appreciative when I get home.

You hear me, Certain People?
But I haven't slept, so mneah.

But a good solstice to those who celebrate it.

And to me, a happy fifth wedding anniversary, and tenth anniversary of the day [ profile] teinedreugan proposed.

Love always for my lion, light of my longest night.
None too coherent.

On love and partnership. )
    Mischief, sb. [s. OF meschief, meschef, mechef, (mod. méchef), vbl. sb. f. meschever (see MISCHIEVE): ef. Pr. mescap, OCat. menyscab, OSp. mescabo, OPg. mascabo (Sp., Pg. menoscabo loss, deterioration).]

    Mischieve, v. Now dial. or arch. [a. OF meschever to be unfortunate, come to grief. f. mes-, MIS- + chever CHEVE: cf. Sp. menoscabar to impair.]

And thus, the actual matter of concern:
    Cheve, chieve, v. Obs. [ME. cheve, a. OF cheve-r f. chef head; but in sense 6 aphetic f. Eng. ACHIEVE.]

In short: yes, at least when viewed from the correct angle. Also, still not king.

Other notes:

3.9: 828 words. 1478 total. Done. Waugh, that was hard.
3.10: 122 words. Brain broke after that, but I know what's happening, and the page isn't blank.
950 total.

This is one of those evenings where I say, "Why am I...?" and get the chorus of, "Because it's your job" answers. I so need more training. Augh.

Also, the muscles in my legs ache.

... okay, this is funny current music. I'll leave it here.

Addendum: Okay, remembered to bring rum to offer at my ritual obligation. Feeling slightly loopy. Also entertained at the clear direction of "Kala first. Then you drink the rum."

I wonder if I'll sleep.
. . . or just a weird one . . .

. . . that I strained a muscle in my belly somewhere laughing at [ profile] arawen's smiling-induced headache.

[ This is going up with, "I so need some deer" for funniest event this week. ]
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( Oct. 13th, 2003 02:59 pm)
It's amazing how . . . comfortable and satisfying and sort of reassuring about life making long-term relationship plans happens to be.

I like knowing where things fit and . . . y'know. Stuff. Putting things into time where they are and echo everywhere, and . . . gnr. I don't have the words for this. Maybe I'll write about Zep Tepi later and it'll come out.

Hey, not a bad song for this entry.


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