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( Aug. 31st, 2006 04:32 pm)
Photograph behind cut. )
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( Mar. 18th, 2006 04:35 pm)
My cat -- not one of the boys, the one who lives with my father -- died this morning.

I'm going to write about her now. If I can find the cable for the camera, I have some photos of her from a few months ago and I'll update this entry accordingly. I've added a photo. I may put more in this gallery. (Thank you, [ profile] suzimoses, for the copies of other photos.)

RIP Misty Modderman-Nicoll, 1987?-2006 )

Bast welcome her and carry her to the West.

Dad's going to bury her next to the pond. I told him to plant catnip around the grave for her.

More stories, as I remember them. )
Statue photography, category 'unskilled'.

Gift for my sister-in-law, who, if by some really random chance happens to be reading this, should not click this link. Not that I think Monica knows I have a journal or anything. But even so. Best to be safe. )

Have delivered plantses to [ profile] keshwyn for plant-sitting purposes while we're away, and given said [ profile] keshwyn her Yule gift. (And a very satisfyingly lit-up Juniper there was, too. I like it when gifts are successful.)

Have done housecleaning in preparation for going south for the winter. In intermittent bits, because I currently have the stamina of a premature-born kitten. (Clean cruft off rug! Pant, pant, pant, fall down. Clean cruft off rug! Pant, pant, pant, fall down. Vacuum rug! Pant, pant, pant, fall down.)

I suspect I'll not get any writing done today, given the stuff I have left to do before I sleep, but who knows; time may prove me wrong.

Will be down there with some free space in schedule for four days or so; shall see about getting together with miscellaneous Marylanders while there. Driving down tomorrow afternoon; there may not be entries from me all that often in the next week or so. (For I have been scolded for saying I was mostly better and then falling out of the habit of posting for a week.)
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( Oct. 20th, 2003 06:52 pm)
Since everyone wants to see the icon, and I finished painting it just now.

Still not my best photography effort, but better than average. )

Notes -- I have, as usual, painted my hands all sorts of entertaining colours as well. And today, essential painting tools seem to have included pliers, to get the blasted paint cannisters open.

Hands hurt. But overall, am satisfied.

Addendum: Apparently not just my hands, given that [ profile] teinedreugan just said to me, "You've painted your nose yellow, did you know that?"

Sigh. :}
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( Oct. 12th, 2003 10:26 pm)

raw pierogies



Now with sour cream!

Content maybe later when I've had food.
Was discussing maple syrup with [ profile] autumnesquirrel earlier ('cause I'm thinking of doing a maple wine this winter), and finally got irritated enough at myself to bottle the stuff that's been waiting for me to bottle it for ages. (The "Egyptian" braggot and the rhodomel.)

The braggot is a gorgeous mahogany colour, beautiful coloring. The rhodomel is . . .
Picture of wine bottles


Not just orange, [ profile] dirtydianadd orange. ;)

Out of bottles. But maybe this will get my dear Mother to stop tapping her foot at me to bottle up the booze.

I managed not to get too much of the stuff on the kitchen floor, but I smell strongly of the rhodomel after liberally anointing my left arm. But that's fine. It smells grrrrrrrrreat! (What was that guy's name? Tony the Tiger or something like?)

Grah. Food. Find food.
It's not done yet.

Arthur has continued to help -- see, he's minding the scissors for me. Lennon has also helped; he sat on the project briefly as was his catly duty, then stole my spool.
Arthur helping. )
But it does look pretty nice, even unfinished. )

The design is from this site -- see the thing in the sidebar labelled 'Draped dress New Kingdom'? That's it.

I don't think the cord I have tying it at the waist is really visible in the photo; it's there. I need to get a clasp for the top half of it, a brooch or pin, and then I'll be able to move my arms more freely without it falling off.

([ profile] jikharra said I did a good display of how one shrugs out of a robe earlier, which I consider illustrative of this point.)
. . . unless the cat helps.

Obligatory cat picture. )

Thirty-eight inches of hem down, lots and lots to go.

(I shall indeed remain the Patron Felding [Auntie] Of The Garb Just Finished Enough To Wear.)
This really is the best picture I got of the Bast statue. I could have posted a larger one, but it's really not losing any detail; the amount of enhancement it took to get this much detail was Large.

Bast statue. Also Lennon's nose. )

Resolved: I really need to get some good enamel paints and start adding colour to these. They want colour, and this one in particular is not responding well to not having it; all the detail work is either invisible or looks awful. Must look up the stuff that [ profile] fyrekat uses for her statues again. Maybe will be having a better camera day some other time.

Heh. I wonder how the miniatures paints we have about would do. There's an idyllic evening's concept; sitting around with [ profile] teinedreugan in the green room, him painting Clan War figs or something and me painting gods . . . .

Okay. Can't use 'artistic' with this photo quality. :}

Addendum: Here, have an overexposed one to go with the underexposed one. )
[ profile] brooksmoses and I tried to go to the New England Mobile Book Fair. We got there twenty minutes after it closed; it is to sulk. (Tomorrow it would ahve been open until nine, but he's not here tomorrow.)

So we wound up going to a much more mundane bookstore instead, in order to get that bookstore fix down. And then we came home and had roast beef sandwiches (I'm still having; my blood sugar crashed on the way, and when I'm trying to get back to functional I tend to get very spacey and no-attention-spanny).

But anyway. This is one of the things that I saw today. It made me very happy. )

Hail Eris.
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( Aug. 15th, 2003 05:40 pm)
The photo doesn't really capture the sort of mutual flop of the actual pose, quite.

Photo cut. )
About two or three years ago, when we first moved into this house, I planted a bunch of lilies and . . . irises, I think. Nothing came up, really. TIme passed.

Then the other day [ profile] teinedreugan and I were going out and I spotted, buried deep in the mass of weeds that is my front dirt, a handful of Stargazer blooms. Those are mostly spent now; some ordinary pink ones dominate but there's still a Stargazer hiding behind the sunflower that the birds planted.

Image Cut )

Also, there is nothing quite like going outside to make me cease to consider the air conditioning we've got in here feeble and inadequate.
Got up, checked on Kundalini -- he was out, curled up in the corner. Stuck shed, getting a bit dehydrated; not good. (He hasn't had that issue for a while, since I got the tank humidifier; I'm going to check that setup and tinker with it later to be sure it's functioning right.)

Ran a snake bath. (Lukewarm water, with a little bit of shedding-assist chemistry which I haven't used in so long it took me a while to find it in the tank base.) Checked the humidifier -- it doesn't need filling, but the hose may be kinked.

My baby's gotten big (photo cut). )

Unlike previous bathing rounds, he didn't spend all his time in the water wrigging to get out and explore, until he felt thwarted and subsided into a sullen drift. This time he spent a fair bit of time under the water, and soaked a fair while -- I think he came to the conclusion that it felt good. Both cats tried to investigate; I splashed both (having both hands free from the need to herd snakie makes defensive measures easier). Lennon decided that was enough of a hint, Arthur kept trying, aside from a couple of brief breaks where he forgot the snake was out and stalked the tank for a while instead.

Eventually Kunda had had Enough Of This and decided to go out; his effort of sliding over my hands shed a lot of the stuck stuff on his belly, and he's not looking wrinkly and unhappy anymore. Returned to tank, after a brief and uneventful nosesniff with Arthur, who has freaked out about the existence of snake-in-tank again, and then gotten distracted and wandered off.

Also, this conversation with [ profile] lstone happened:
    [ profile] lstone: Pretty. Ball pythons aren't dangerous to humans, are they?
    Me: Not unless you wrap one around your neck.
Well, more accurately, concept sketch.

For a while I've been pondering designing an Egyptian-concept tarot deck, one that satisfies me with its imagery. (I'm picky.) This was given a bit of a boot recently when [ profile] thastygliax was doing various characters as tarot cards.

The image I have so far goes with the High Priestess. For those people who aren't familiar with common imagery for the High Priestess (those are three links, by the bye), she's very commonly portrayed between two pillars, a black one and a white one, and represents in part the magical intuitive journey (oddly enough, I associate the card most strongly with one of the Inanna myths, the one where she gives up all her treasures to go into the underworld and then comes back with the secrets of lots of stuff).

The image in my head didn't have the woman in the center, just the pillars. . . .
Concept sketch, image cut. )

In other news: turned in my take-home test at the hospital, had blood drawn for the rest of it, and don't have to worry about my kidneys for the next couple of weeks. Finally managed to finish part 15 last night, may try to get 16 done today if I can figure out what it is.
So. Last night I dreamed. I dreamed of a fireworks display. Observed from a rotating platform with a lot of cruft on it. And performed to the tune of Roxette's "Milk and Toast and Honey". What is wrong with my brain?

[ profile] autumnesquirrel, the band we were listening to in the car was the Cruxshadows, and the album in question was Wishfire. ([ profile] teinedreugan says the sound's a bit different for their other albums so you might want to get that one first and branch out when you're feeling brave.)

[ profile] autumnesquirrel and [ profile] thastygliax, the flash animation I was talking about is here and TNH's blog (if anyone cares) is linked through [ profile] makinglight.

Scene frustrating me in the WIP. May have a handle on how to deal with it, partly due to talking it out a bit with [ profile] teinedreugan on the way home (and possibly also with the assistance of the rant I had about it when [ profile] autumnesquirrel asked), so will work on it afters, since poor [ profile] brooksmoses is Having A Day.

And for those people who didn't see it at [ profile] keshwyn and [ profile] jikharra's place tonight:
Khopesh! (Cut for image) )

Yes, our front hall is that cluttered. It also contains a bicycle.
In no particular order or significance.

- talked out a handful of medical stuff with [ profile] teinedreugan needful for writing a section of the currently-progressing WIP; why is it that when I talk my work with my husband it's always about blood?
- purchased potables
- wrote the second half of part five (~600 words)
- ignored the All-Star Game
- wrote part 6 (~400 words), introducing a character who I expect is liable to boil over messily if someone doesn't discover that he's set on simmer and turn him down a little
- started laundry
- made pasta for dinner for [ profile] teinedreugan and myself
- realised that I should rack the rhodomel, which means I should clean the spare carboy
- failed to clean the spare carboy
- read another few chapters in The Doorstop, and tried to explain why I was laughing to [ profile] oneironaut and [ profile] annwyd
- wished [ profile] brooksmoses a happy anniversary (happy anniversary again, love, and happy anniversary [ profile] suzimoses), though only after he mentioned that that was what it was
- cleaned catbox
- put laundry in dryer
- reread some of the old stuff last time I tried to write this, and found bits I could almost lift whole; I think I'll rewrite them anyway, but this is . . . so them. And so Ria, wow. But the dialogue lines, so them. Making a point of privilege after a display of strength. High-stakes playful. I mean, it makes sense, I wrote it right after the first one, so I'd still have the feel of them from that, but it's good to know that they're still the same in my head as they were then.
- fed snakie
- remembered to let Arthur out of the loo after feeding snakie
- stared at 7 a lot, largely ineffectually (tune of ~75 words); I know what needs to go here, just not how to go about it, I think
- read this from [ profile] makinglight, and watched the movie, which is tremendously cool (and weirded out [ profile] keeps, apparently)
- made a nice small steak with cider vinegar and Worcestershire marinade and successfully defended it from both cats
- killed Andariel (normal difficulty, with an assassin character)

And because [ profile] annwyd asked me to take the picture: Arthur, helping me read Graydon's manuscript. )

Not bad. Bed first, verdict afterwards.
Non-spoilery comment on The Italian Job: Feature length souped-up Mini commercial.

Possibly minutely spoilery comment on The Italian Job: suspicion developing that Seth Green now typecast as the guy half of whose lines are followed with some variant on, ". . . huh?"

Miscellaneous conversations of the day have included: the peculiarities of amiably humming, puttering divinities; ...poppoppoppoppoppoppoppop...; the profound funny-looking-ness of the front ends of tractor-trailers when not possessed of a back end; and my continuing inability to have a conversation without resorting to hand gestures in place of significant numbers of substantives.

Fired statue pictures behind cut. )
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( Jun. 13th, 2003 03:29 am)
Wizardry 8 screenshotSpent the day completely fried (after I got up again). I'm capable of being at least vaguely functional on various forms of interrupted sleep, but this wasn't one of them.

Got a call from the clinic a little after the installers left to set up an appointment with me for followup on the kidney thing. For tomorrow, which is nice; I'd been meaning to set up an appointment for a while but I wouldn't have gotten one that soon anyway, I'll bet. Didn't get around to it because of the usual phonephobia.

Played a lot of Wizardry 8. It's worth noting that for a while I've been shouting "Attack of the killer Rikers!" at intermittent bits at the gang on Overland, because that's what the marauding thugs look like, really. Finally, I asked [ profile] oneironaut how to take a screenshot, and with gtst and [ profile] annwyd's help (and a minor assist from [ profile] lstone) I produced the image here. See? It's a rampaging killer Riker!

In other miscellaneous notes, I had Altair's Child take front when I was talking to [ profile] brooksmoses last night. Which was quite odd, because AC never takes front, ever. At least not for more than fleeting moments. She's really in a supporting role most of the time. It was very interesting to have her out and independent for a wee bit; I've got a better handle on her as an entity now, at least. Maybe she'll come out more if I ask.
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( May. 31st, 2003 08:34 pm)
Picture of beaded jewelry.I had this idea that I've been working on, and it was eating up enough memory that even my text processing was getting glitchy. So I had to do it, and [ profile] teinedreugan and I went to Beadworks and got supplies for it today. (We also went to Sears and bought a new stove. Yay stove! Probably more on that later.)

Anyway. The thing isn't done (as you can see from the picture by the way the wires aren't cut off and crimped) because some of my little orange beads refused to be threaded through by both halves of the wire. After some discussion with [ profile] elisem (courtesy [ profile] gwynyth) about the health and sanity of trying to drill larger holes in the beads, I've decided that I'll go back to Beadworks at some point and pick up some more that will thread, and redo the last 2/7ths of it. But I wanted to see what it'd look like done (and how long it would be), so I finished it off. Also this means that my second crimp bead won't run away from me and hide.

Primary materials: frosted glass, turquoise, and oyster shell. Design partially inspired by this piece and partly by a discussion of prayer beads on KOL.
That when I saw a spam that began "MEN: . . ." I immediately scanned to the end of the subject line looking for the clause that began "DE:".

I have no earthly idea what that something is, just now, but I'm sure it says something. Possibly something in Greek.

See also explosive booze. )

I think that settles the question of whether or not it's producing bubbles.

In other news, I walk funny when I have a hand-sized patch of muscles around my hip that's locked solid. At least it's not a joint misalignment.


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