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( Jul. 17th, 2014 08:17 pm)
Okay, I knew the absolute worst thing I could do for my chronic pain stuff is stand still.

It turns out that it goes something like:

Worst thing is standing.
Next to worst thing is walking slowly.
Walking briskly is better.
Lying down is better.
Running is probably better than that but I haven't tested it empirically recently.
Sitting is better than running.
Sort of lounging is best.

Unfortunately, Art Fair has involved a lot of walking slowly because too fucking many people.
Every so often, usually when out driving, that "If I had a million dollars" song pops up on shuffle, and every so often I think about what I'd actually do.

The issue of course requires limitations. Because when people ask for the "If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on" answer they're not looking for the answer "Hire a good accountant and maybe an investment broker, donate a substantial amount to charities I support instead of my usual $20 to $50 blibs, and pay off the mortgage". Well, maybe some people are looking for that answer. I don't know. It always feels a bit like a "You have these resources that must be used" question, often a "that must be used on yourself", and often a "right now!"

Weirdly introspective materialist-universe ramblings. )
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( Jul. 30th, 2007 06:15 pm)
I've been in a cow-counting kind of mood.

(Which is a reference of only partial general sensicality -- context on it is that I wrote a piece, entitled 'Cattle Magic', for [ profile] teriel's wealth magic anthology, and with that in my mind I've been trying to actually implement the relevant paradigm more consistently.)

Gotta know what cows I have.

This has led to a few things, like completely reorganising my wishlist on Amazon (where I stash all the things I mean to get at some point) so that I could find things; I now know how much it would take to get all the Egyptiana I want that's readily available, which managed to clerically transform by the magic of counting cows the "Wow, that's a lot of investment, beyond my current means, waugh" into "Okay, I have a specific sum that that will take. I can budget for that." (And then [ profile] luellon pointing me at addall helped with that further.)

The last few days have been full of wanting to make statues. (Specifically, icons. I've promised Khnum my first icon, but Big Red has been sticking His Roman nose into my imagemaker lately for various reasons.) And while we're nearly to the point of being able to afford to set up my studio, I'm not there yet, not in a place where I can sink my fingers into the clay.

So I went off into the wilds of the internet doing research about glazes, finding soruces for the low-fire glazes I'd want for detailwork on icons, overglazes to do gilding, trying to figure out what to have on hand for glaze construction, dithering over the question of whether I want to get things like a commercial clear glaze to save myself that level of effort, and so on.

Then I prowled local Craigslist for stuff ....

... waiting to hear back if the $400 kiln is still available.

Counting cows.

(Divination using the Cummings stichomancy method on the subject of this round of counting cows produces:

    this out of within itself moo
    ving lump of twilight squirts a two
    ne like nothing verdi slightly knu

    as and some six cents hit the whigh
    shaped hathole thangew yelps one shi
    ly glad old unman who is eye

Within itself moo, indeed.)
[ profile] teinedreugan is away for two weeks because of crazed business practices. I will not be getting much time with him this summer, alas. He left yesterday, at a ridiculous hour of the morning, and is safely ensconced in a hotel in Utah. It's going to be awfully weird without him around. I'm not to the "Waugh, I miss you" state, and we've chatted a lot in email today, but ....

I am attempting to be more or less productive in his absence, though I have not made actual progress on things today so much as continued maintenance: started dishwasher, washing sheets and the towel he asked me to launder. I did find my seed corn and plant the second corn crop, though; the seed packets had opened up in the plastic bag they were stashed in, so the seed corn was mixed up with a few beans, peas, and some other random seeds. It is, however, large, and thus easy to extract, and the plots are now planted and watered. (That's whaffer.)

Yesterday, I assisted [ profile] arawen with his woodworking, in one of those amusing displays of "My power exchange relationship is nowhere near as exciting as some people would really like it to be." He says I saved him about an hour and a half of work; Mongo good minion.

The box computer is b0rken. This frustrates me in unprintable ways.

Am considering moving the stacks of gaming books out of the living room and down to the basement, though there is nowhere near enough shelving to store them properly at the moment. But that would be progress on the ongoing establishment of order in the house. Pondering poking the Ikea catalogue to see if there is anything obvious for a couple of places that I want more shelving, rather than having to go to the effort of designing and building it.

Edited to add: Automated lolcat generator for LJ. Swap in your own name for your own posts; I got a few I rather liked.
My house smells vaguely of the process of making chicken stock. Alas, I seem to respond to cutting raw parsnips similarly to my response to raw carrots, though less severely; will want to be cautious with that. There's something satisfying about boiling down the bones; it's not exactly primal, but it's root. I come back to wanting to do things like this regularly, back to the root; I know I can go out and buy a can of chicken stock -- and there are several in the pantry -- but doing it myself has a certain raw satisfaction. I didn't raise the chicken; I didn't kill it (though the rooster down the street has been tempting that way of late); I still made as full a use of it as I could.

I have half the things that go into the veggie garden planted. I'm going from seed, so this will probably be a bit erratic, but I wanted to do it reasonably cheaply because the investment for filling the beds was rather large. Next year should be easier. None of the seeds have come up yet; both grapevines, however, are putting out leaves, one of them quite profusely. The tiny visible bits of the daylilies have gone from washed-out never-seen-the-sun white to little rich green cores.

I've made some progress on controlling the vast proliferation of heaps of books by getting some of them onto shelves; it's getting easier to estimate just how many more shelves we're going to need to have. I need to get back onto getting them into the catalogue, but perhaps I should assemble a landing zone first by clearing the piles ...

Today has been full of chopping things for stock, discussion of the equations for calculating the heliacal rising of Sirius, and trying to figure out why nobody on the web will tell me how many caudal vertebrae lions have.

And there was a thunderstorm this morning. Yum.
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( May. 2nd, 2007 09:12 pm)
[ profile] arawen reclaimed the barcode scanner today, so it is time for me to work on cataloguing books that the scanner didn't work on, which is the dozen or more boxes in the room here, the mass market paperbacks upstairs, and stuff. In the fiveish days I had the scanner, I went from 598 books (assembled painstakingly over the course of since-November-when-we-moved-in) to 1261 books in the database. Some of that was the scanner, much was upgrading the program.

I baffled [ profile] teinedreugan mightily this evening by calling his cellphone while he was on the way home from work and declaring, "WE HAVE NO MEATS!"

I did not dig any holes today. However, [ profile] teinedreugan finished putting together my raised bed boxes, and we extracted the dirt from his car and moved it to where the beds are. So I'll probably be filling them with dirt tomorrow.

I am amazed that my joints have held up through all this, though my shoulder was strained earlier this week (I babied it a day or two). I did, however, manage to injure both my heels to the point of bleeding today, in fits of spectacular grace and failure to navigate the Huge Heaps of Books.

Friendly Orange Cat has been traced to the immediate neighbors. I was chatting with FOC, the neighbors came out, and he immediately ran over to them. "He likes you more than me" I called to them. "Well, he lives heah."

Life is boring and domestic. I imagine I will become entertaining again sometime, but for now, my life is almost entirely composed of gardening and boxes of books with occasional brief interludes of other things. Perhaps as a substitute for being interesting I will, when I find the camera, take pictures of either the gardening or the boxes of books.

Have meats now. Mm, dinner.
Planted thus far:
    two grapevines
    four anise hyssop
    two patches of catnip (from seed)
    some morning glories
    four blue phlox
    sweet basil
    sixteen marigolds
    two lemon balm
    three stargazer lilies
    three daylilies
    four gladiolus bulbs

Yet to plant, on hand:
    two more kinds of basil (from seed)
    chamomile (from seed)
    thirty-one gladiolus bulbs

Yet to do in general:
    put together the raised bed boxes
    move the pile of rocks into a proper cairn for the landwights
    get the veggie garden in
    find the sundial for the Ra garden
    acquire or build trellising for the grapes

First of May, first of May, outdoor fucking starts today.

And it's planting time.

(Does anyone local want some gladiolus bulbs? :} )
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( Apr. 24th, 2007 04:39 pm)
At the last training retreat for my studies with [ profile] yezida, I commented that my experience of the apprenticeship program was like carving a farm out of New England: a year of learning the lay of the land, building the house, clearing out a few of the big issues, and then a year of going, "My gods, another rock" as one tries to dig, or plow, or clear out what the frost brought up.

The "rocks in my head" metaphor kept going for many of the people who commented after me.

So today I went and dug holes. I have a pair of grapevines that I got a few years ago, which have lived in a half-barrel type bucket which has now rotted out the bottom. I wanted to put them in the ground somewhere I intended to stay for a while, somewhere they had space to grow.

There's something about claiming the space, treating here as a place to be for a while, that's really potent, really powerful; it's something I tried to write about in my article for RTV, the magical act of treating the place as the right place. Not sure I got it out right, but that's so where my head is these days, with reality and domesticity.

So I dug holes. And pulled out rock after rock after rock -- round ones, big flat ones, things that ground up white against the tip of the shovel. Got a little stack of rocks now.

And vines in the ground. One of which has definite new growth, one of which appears to have buds. I had been worried about them making it through the weird, weird winter.

Vines in the ground, and a little heap of rocks.
Despite all the stuff.

It's a world where I can go to the prepared food section of the grocery store and come away with sweet Thai-spiced sirloin, a latke, and cucumber rolls.

I feel gustatorily multicultural.

I live in a world where I can.
As I left the counter holding the guitar case:

"Now you have to name her."

Aw, geez.
Remembered to eat.

The godawful mess that's been driving me nuts in the living room got rearranged -- I picked up all the miscellaneous cardboard and moved it, and suddenly it was no longer sufficiently oppressive to be the major reason I want to move and became something that must be fixed now. So I cleaned it up until I could vacuum the rug.

Also did laundry, and managed to get it all done efficiently primarily by flagging it as "move laundry to dryer when [ profile] arawen arrives", and it only took me about a half hour to remember that I had set that flag.

Was working on the carpet on the stairs when [ profile] arawen got here. This was a godawful, dusty mess. I was deeply thwarted by the way it wrapped through the spokes on the bannister and was stapled down there, so I worked on clearing the treads while he pried loose the parts on the outside of the stairs. He dealt with the carpet in the hallway while I went back to the stairs to pry up staples, with occasional pauses to vacuum things. Final bit was the bottom stair (we worked from the landing up), where the carpet was held on by sufficient staples to chain Loki, and I couldn't do a damn thing with it, so [ profile] arawen did. It probably was about five hours of work for the two of us.

Somewhere in there I managed to make the bed -- my breaks had a lot of doing random other chores in them.

When [ profile] teinedreugan called to say he was on his way home, I informed him that feeding us was his contribution to the war effort. So he brought home a chicken.

Gave [ profile] arawen a bit of massage because his neck had cramped up. Mild distractions. Wound up watching The Saint and snuggling on the couch while [ profile] teinedreugan talked with [ profile] suzimoses. Will see him tomorrow for finishing off the stairs (trim needs to be replaced since some came off with the carpet), bricking up a hole, and actual spending time together when we're not completely exhausted.

Speaking of which, I'm completely exhausted.
A random link: Spong reviews The Da Vinci Code.

Am back at home after a busy weekend.

Let's see. Stuff: [ profile] arawen picked me up Saturday morning though I don't think we got out of the house until after noon. Had random sushi for lunch. Helping with bookcases was diverted by the need to deal with an invasion of ants which were carrying their larvae up the front of his house and into a hole up under the eaves, which was behaviour Not Approved Of. So there was agitated ant-slaughtering and roof repair. And afterwards a great deal of enjoying of each other's company (which left me with a slightly dislocated right hip).

Sunday there was much work on bookcases, which started before I got up because I didn't sleep well and so stayed in bed for an hour and a half or so later than [ profile] arawen did. Funniest help request was, "Could I use you as a stand?" Various things were accomplished. I think we watched a couple of episodes of an anime, plus also some Babylon 5 commentary which provoked me into reading [ profile] lysana's rendition of how Stephen Furst got the role of Vir, though that may have been Saturday. We went out for what I'm pretty sure was our first doing-something-as-a-couple sort of dinner, and thus I consumed vast quantities of sushi (including, as it happened, my first fish-based sushi -- this is extremely impressive, as I haven't willingly consumed fish in probably over twenty years because fishy-smell leaves me feeling ill). Much affirming snuggling and talking, even if [ profile] arawen does have a marbles in a funnel problem.

Slept better last night, woke up before the alarm, woke up [ profile] arawen. He made me breakfast. More carpentry, in which I was minimally helpful mostly in the fetching and carryingness. Had leftover sushi for lunch. Went to hardware store (minioning mostly limited to pushing the cart and answering, "Is there anything else I've been whining that I don't have?" with "Time, world domination, and a pony"), stuff. Eventually came home, said hi to [ profile] teinedreugan and [ profile] suzimoses, helped them heckle The Chronicles of Riddick, watched the end of the ballgame, and saw [ profile] arawen off to the airport where he is collecting [ profile] whispercricket from her weekend of dealing with crazy people.

Thus was my weekend of sex and carpentry. (With bonus sushi and ants.)
There are boxes of books in my living room.

There are eight boxes of books in my living room.

Four of them are labelled "MM paperback sci-fi box #[number] of [blank]". Well, one is labelled "paper[bp]ack", with the B and P superimposed, and one is labelled "s[ci][ic]", similarly, but close enough for government work. (I transpose letters and confound lowercase B and P not infrequently when writing by hand.)

One is labelled "Religion/Magic/Egypt box #1 of [blank]".

Three of them are labelled "misc hardcover mostly fiction box #[number] of [blank]".

Net effect? The books double-stacked in the dining room are all trade paperbacks or hardcovers, and the bookcase where we ran out of shelving spaced for paperbacks and just started piling them up (starting around author surname beginning with T) has slightly fewer in the pile. There are no books on the floor in the green room. The bookcase in the foyer looks only slightly overfull and thus merely a touch untidy (I have not, however, packed my Tanakh, so if [ profile] xiphias and [ profile] cheshyre drop by again and get into a scriptural dispute in my hallway it will still be handy). There are fewer books on top of the computer hutch, and I don't think any of them are 'genre' by normal people standards. Also, I found my copy of the Book of Mormon, which somehow got taken upstairs rather than filed with the other religion books. The bookcases in the living room are mostly not doublestacked, and the floor in front of them is no longer covered in piles of books; the row of hardcover mostly-David Weber held on top of the bookcases with bookends no longer has an additional hardcover Weber sitting on top of it.

Also, I have dropped a largish pile of Anne McCaffrey hardcovers onto my left knee.

Also, Lennon appears to approve of there being giant stacks of boxes in the living room, as it gives him the opportunity to be Taller Than much more than he can usually be Taller Than.

Edited to Add: Also, I am reminded that I'm allergic to dust, and glad that I started this project when already on allergy meds rather than having this realisation strike me unblunted.
[ profile] eyebrowsmcgee has produced some really neat preacherifying for Holy Week. Recommended for Christians and Christian-friendly sorts who want a shiny thought to play with.

In my strange world in which all my whims were satisfied, How AWESOME Will It Be?: A Teenager's Guide to Understanding and Preparing for the Second Coming would not have no Amazon reviews. It would have at least one. And that one would be written by [ profile] elfwreck.

Have spent the last day and a half or so more or less insane. Was unable to deal with it for much of this time for various reasons; thus, spent a lot of today engaged in vigorous displacement activity. This led to the doing of a load of laundry, a load of dishes (including the washable stove components), the cleaning of the stovetop, the cleaning of floor around the stove, decluttering the foyer and slaying many dust bunnies, discovering that a suitcase was full of cat piss and cleaning that up, watering the plants, and cleaning out the right-hand soap dish in the bathroom.

My mead ferment came unstuck; my jasmine water and orange blossom water have arrived.

Added to to-write list: seeking homes; possibly something about fear/vulnerability.

Much processing around a bit of personality fragment that needs to be dealt with. Only slightly mad. Also dealt with the crazy eventually, as well as it can be done, by talking it out with [ profile] arawen. (Among other things, mmm.) But it matters so much to have him willing to deal with my crazy with efficiency, even if there's nothing really to be done about it other than support and let time pass. (Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.)

Poem cut on general principles. )

Shower, full moon Rite, bed.
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( Nov. 1st, 2005 10:15 pm)
[ profile] diagonti: I found him! :) Thanks for the help!

Context: Finding people is a good thing, and I'd been feeling an impulse to get in touch with an old boyfriend for a while that I finally actually went and did something about. A couple of mail-bounces later I solicited [ profile] diagonti's help in finding him, and wound up making contact by the most convoluted means I can readily imagine.

In other news, I have a splitting headache, and an encounter with a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot provoked me into writing a short, cranky theology essay that I'd been meaning to do for a while. Also, have supplies for feeding [ profile] arawen and [ profile] whispercricket tomorrow, which is arguably more important than theology.

(Wepwawet, wep em wawet, dua iyiek, dua peretek . . . )
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( Jun. 26th, 2003 08:31 pm)
First note. Toooooo daaaaaaaaaaaamn hooootttttt. Cleaned up some of the stuff in the way so [ profile] teinedreugan could put in the other AC unit when he got home. Which is why the living room is liveable; he set that up before we went out.

Out was productive. Got a lamp to put in the mathom room (so I can have indoor lighting for the lily tank). Got a new phone earpiece (mine has succumbed to the fact that I affect my environment like a Calabite, and also the fact that the old one irritated me). Got new printer cartridge. Then got an orange and cinnamon sticks (for the rhodomel I need to start before the roses go) and lightbulbs for the lamp.

And then fish. (It is also worth noting that there was an awfully cute I-think-it-was-a jungle carpet python coiled up around a branch. Cuteness!) (Also they had crawdads. Swimming ones, not just lurking ones.) It was New Fish Day at the pet store -- about a third of the tanks had plastic bags floating in them with fish in, staring out at the world and going 'glurp'. Took your advice, [ profile] alhandra -- got a half dozen cherry barbs to go with the algae-eaters. The algae-eaters were hard to catch, and were in a tank with a burrowing eel; the shop clerk would chase an algae-eater around with the net, and disturb the eel, which would suddenly snap into vision, undulate across the tank, and vanish into the gravel again as smoothly as Kitty Pryde. Shoop!

Came home, read [ profile] yehoshua's summary of today's game and read bits of it to [ profile] teinedreugan. Fishies are now in their own bag, floating in the lily tank to acclimate. Water swap in half an hour, and I check on them occasionally to make sure the cats aren't getting at 'em.

Had this conversation with [ profile] oneironaut:
    I say "THe barbs are all attempting to swim out the corne of the bag they're in. All of them. At once."
    [ profile] oneironaut says "United we stand...."
    I say "United we all attempt to occupy the same place at the same time."
    [ profile] oneironaut says "United we don't have a very good grasp of physics...."

So. New fish day.


I checked for a box when I got up, and there wasn't anything, so I muttered and started with my daily routine. Then someone banged on my door, which is always entertaining given that I'm not wearing any pants, and when I opened it up there was a box in there, and when I picked up the box it dripped on my feet.

The blue lily and my papyrus. Plantsplantsplantsplantsplants.

I've spent the last two hours or so putting them in their pots, arranging them in the tank, and filling up the tank. I have done much labor. I am covered in dirt (and the green room was covered in dirt too, but I found the broom). I have a tank full of water and plants.

I need to get stakes for the papyrus, which seem to be engaged in listing to port, starboard, and aft. And I'll need to disassemble some of this when the other lily arrives, as it goes under the supporting board. Details. No worries.

Plants, plantsplantsplantsplantsplants.

Not one I'd recommend.

Got up this morning after spending several hours lying in bed with a meh. And dealing with really odd dreams. My subconscious is clearly nesting again. Or at the very least heavily pregnant and covered in kittens. (Hello, Bast; how are you?)

Dealing with miscellaneous meh. I decide that it's warm enough to take my orange out to see if light and heat will revive it, and I also bring down the pot with the tulips my mother-in-law sent us. I turn around to go back inside, and see a box on the stoop. With the logo of the place for the plants I bought for my aquarium.

We were planning to go on a dirt-and-tank-purchasing run . . . on Friday.

Well. Panic mode. [ profile] teinedreugan is not unamenable to coming home and dealing with panic mode. I go out and get some things from the pharmacy down the road (my pots for planting the lilies in are too big for the tank). Got that. Scrambled to get food. Drove up to Ipswich.

I break this narrative to point out that near the place we get supplies for such things, there is a small, discreet sign: "Myopia Hunt Club. Members Only." Does this worry you as much as it worries me? Anyway, we were going by there, and there were horses and hounds milling about across the road from that. Very odd; never seen such a thing before. Sort of strange to know I live a half-hour's drive from that.

Plant store closed. Other plant store closed. Yet other plant store closed. Well, bugger. Went to get tank. I'm wondering if the parrot in the shop there was an eclectus -- it had hairy feathers and was the right shade of fairly flat green with the red and blue flash under the wings. Would have been a male if it were. Got tank, got heaters, got pebbles.

Wheeling the tank over the curb cracked it at one corner. Well, bugger. It was at the top of the tank; that's not as bad as it might be. And we were going to Home Depot anyway for dirt, so we got sealant too. Got dirt, though not the ideal sort of dirt for this purpose. Got bricks. Got rhythm. Got music. Dodged through vast hordes of of Fakus trees (if fig trees in pots are Ficus, then synthetic fig trees in pots are . . .). Got stuff.

He got paged on the way home with a borderline-bafflesome issue with the sattelite. Well, bugger.

Then we got into an accident and the passenger side of the car won't open anymore. Well, bugger. That made it interesting to get the tank out, as it was in the back seat.

Got all the miscellanea ready. Started working on plants.

It was just the irises.

This is the point at which I break down into one of these hysteriae.
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( Jan. 11th, 2003 09:31 pm)
[ profile] teinedreugan and I went for a drive downtown so I could take notes for stuff that needs to be in the third edition of the book. Actually, it really needed to be in the first edition, but I didn't do it, and nobody else did either, but I have the data now, and I need to write it up and send it to the wombat project for a going-overI've compared it with the stuff in the second edition and sent the difference to the mailing list.

Then we went to the mall and had dinner (at California Pizza Kitchen: spicy dumplings, then I had some leek & potato soup, and we split a white pizza with garlic, onions, and chicken), and I successfully hunted and killed boots. Nice black boots with laces and buckles that won't leak or get snow in over the tops.

Tosci's only had cinnamon ice cream of the flavors of theirs I really like, but I got some of that, and I have it herenow while I ponder my hastily scribbled notes. Yum.
Couch.  And Arthur.
I never saw a purple couch. . .
. . . . I never thought to see one. . . .

The cats are now Exploring the New Terrain.

Well, Arthur, as demonstrated in this image, is sniffing everything thoroughly, but that's because Arthur is a small, furry locomotion construct for an olfactory system.

Safari Arthur! Burrowing through a mass of tumbled pillows and emerging, triumphant, though somewhat bewildered, at the other end of the couch!

Lennon, on the other hand, has discovered that this is also an adequate spot for Staring Out The Window, and alternates between lounging precariously atop the pillows and sitting and Looking Alert.

Arthur has only nearly fallen off once.


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