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( Jul. 12th, 2012 04:27 pm)
This has been a kind of emotionally brutal week in a lot of ways, for more than a couple of reasons. Today was not trending towards improvement, unfortunately.


I checked the shipping info on a book order I'd made using some gift cards I picked up recently, and it was marked 'out for delivery'. It was late enough in the afternoon that I went and checked the stoop. No books.

But then ... wait, wasn't that routed through the local post office?

I hiked up the driveway to the mailbox. And there, perched precariously on the rounded top, was a cardboard box. And I have taken my prize back down, and sorted the rest of the mail (which included a form letter from Rep. Niki Tsongas saying 'Thank you for asking me not to be an asshole; here is how I have implemented non-assholery' in response to a form letter I sent her) and cracked open my new box.

Hooray for new books.

Anubis, Upwawet, and Other Deities: Personal worship and official religion in ancient Egypt from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one.

A Jan Assmann book I didn't have (The Search for God in Ancient Egypt), another.

And two books by Orion Foxwood.

Hooray. Now if only my back would unseize.
My fifty pounds of magazines has arrived at last.
Curse you, archaeowiki, for having extensive bibliography notes.

Curse you, interesting academic books, for being either not readily findable or four hundred dollars each.
So I continue with vague attempts at establishing some more order in the house in the hope that someday it will actually be, y'know, a settled house.

Thus far, of the things I have done this week that I remember, I have:
- moved the giant heap of gaming books from the living room floor to the shelving in the basement
- tidied up the giant pile of books in the back half of the living room
- put sweaters in the chest for sweaters (yes, I know it's June, I told you order was lacking around here)
- put things on hangers in the closet, extracted sheets from packed boxes, etc.
- catalogued about a box and a half of paperbacks
- catalogued the contents of two cardboard boxes in the living room, so I can now get to the plants and the snake tank without difficulty
- cleaned the lily tank filter, so it now actually filters once more
- added a little water to the lily tank

I have also done two edits for RTV today, and may do another before sleep, depending on how my brain feels. And have done a lot of poking at my natal horosope to amuse myself.

[ profile] amberite -- I got the album with "On eBay" on it, and it's all your fault. (Sad, so sad.)

Awfully tempted by this month's colour of the month ... among other things, sigh. (From Babylon back to Babylon.)
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( May. 25th, 2007 01:00 am)
- skipped [ profile] larksdream and [ profile] vectorvillain's movie thing yesterday because no social cope, despite not having seen [ profile] larksdream since last year or [ profile] vectorvillain since ... the last time I'm sure of having seen him was a year and a half ago ...
- skipped games for the second week in a row because of no social cope
- spent 7 hours yesterday trying to get Warcraft to stop crashing
- haven't slept well several nights in a row
+ [ profile] teinedreugan got Warcraft working for me
- I'm out of quests I can solo with Sam; it's all group, dungeon, or slightly buggy at this point
+ found the Civ 4 disk for [ profile] teinedreugan's computer
- fucking goddamn fucking Aztecs
- too hot
+ my tomato plants are sprouting
+ [ profile] erispope pointed out this Set oil to me
- don't feel so great physically
+ [ profile] teinedreugan brought me roast beef and curly fries
- nearly out of B vitamins
- full of things I want to write and no oomph for any of them

Yeah. Stuff.


+ almost done with the medical history forms now
OMFGShiny: Gandelman Glass.
So weird.

Caught the train in to town because the house inspector was coming through and I needed to be out of the house anyway. Wound up listening to a fairly Crüxshadows-heavy playlist on the way because that was the sort of mood I was in (I've been a little obsessive about "Ballroom on Mars" lately) and wound up, as a result, having one of those weird internal conversations.

I've been, on and off, accumulating desires for various miscellaneous bits of clothing and have been working to accumulate them; part of this is gender play. Which wound up with my most non-female (possibly male? male-androgynous, I think) aspect complaining about the state of my wardrobe a lot. So we went around and around on figuring out what he would find acceptable and basically it's a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to pick up for ages and haven't had the money for (and much of it is online order anyway so not useful now when my address is in imminent flux).

Headed to Mary's for dinner and decided, on a whim, to duck into Hubba Hubba and see if I could address some of the internal pressure. Wound up picking up a pair of spiked wrist cuffs, which nicely match the collar [ profile] otter3 gave me years ago. Inner cranky fashion critic slash goth slightly mollified.

Of course, I was still in this more male-ish headspace when I stomped into the T and discovered that while they haven't swapped North Station (where all the northern rail lines come in) over to the new farecard system, they have swapped Central to it. Which meant that buying two tokens at North Station had been useless, except it wasn't, as the security guard informed me, "Sir, you can get the card with the token" but only after I'd put in most of the fare in loose change. Then I guess he noticed the tits; he corrected the honorific. I haven't been sirred when I wasn't wearing the somewhat upper-torso-obscuring leather jacket before; I'm tickled.

Talked game systems a little with [ profile] jikharra. Talked house hunting with [ profile] keshwyn and anyone else who would listen to me, including little drawings of floor plans to try to explain some of the weirdnesses of things we've looked at.

From the theater of the gloriously out of context: "Oh, we've devolved into a chalet?" --[ profile] briar_pipe

Shoulders entirely locked up. Meh.
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( May. 28th, 2006 01:25 pm)
Greek and Egyptian statues.

Including a Set that isn't terrible.
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( Jan. 13th, 2006 11:44 am)
I have now placed my first Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order, in my ongoing tentative explorations of this whole being a girl thing.

I blame [ profile] cangelo. I was successfully resisting the lure until you mentioned 13 at the training weekend, and curiosity ... rising .... ;)

[ I could dither about whether to post this with the 'scents' icon keyword or the 'inexplicable femme moments' keyword, but they go to the same userpic. I suppose I could do the bowerbird if I wanted to go the 'acquisitiveness' route, and there are blue bottles.... ]
    Whitney says, ". . . is it wrong of me to desperatly want a grey top hat?"
    Tesla [[ profile] oneironaut] says, "No. Why do you want a grey top hat?"
    Brooks [[ profile] brooksmoses] says, "No. You'd look stunning in one, even if it would warp my gender-sense all up."
    Whitney says, "That's sort of the point. Looking stunning with warped genderage."
    Brooks says, "Because it would look stunning on her, and someone posted a link to a place that sells them; that's why."
    Brooks says, "And you've also got the build for it."
    Tesla says, "Fair enough. Just bring your camera. ;)"

I also need to find someone who can fix my pocketwatch. Speaking of Victorian accoutrements and all. (Distractedly remembering [ profile] baratron looking at me and saying, "You are the sort of person who would have a pocketwatch.")

Have re-hennaed hair and thus appeased the hair demons. Also, I smell really good.

I just said "I could use some distracting" in conversation and my mind wandered. Heh.

83 words! But that's more than nothing! Back in the saddle!
Mmm, random craving moments.

Ordered a statue I'd seen a while back and sort of went, "Mmm," at. This led me off into random explorations, and now I have a new random craving.

I want a doumbek. Here's a picture of a particularly pretty one. Just . . . mmmmm.

Moosic. :)
So. Last night I dreamed. I dreamed of a fireworks display. Observed from a rotating platform with a lot of cruft on it. And performed to the tune of Roxette's "Milk and Toast and Honey". What is wrong with my brain?

[ profile] autumnesquirrel, the band we were listening to in the car was the Cruxshadows, and the album in question was Wishfire. ([ profile] teinedreugan says the sound's a bit different for their other albums so you might want to get that one first and branch out when you're feeling brave.)

[ profile] autumnesquirrel and [ profile] thastygliax, the flash animation I was talking about is here and TNH's blog (if anyone cares) is linked through [ profile] makinglight.

Scene frustrating me in the WIP. May have a handle on how to deal with it, partly due to talking it out a bit with [ profile] teinedreugan on the way home (and possibly also with the assistance of the rant I had about it when [ profile] autumnesquirrel asked), so will work on it afters, since poor [ profile] brooksmoses is Having A Day.

And for those people who didn't see it at [ profile] keshwyn and [ profile] jikharra's place tonight:
Khopesh! (Cut for image) )

Yes, our front hall is that cluttered. It also contains a bicycle.
I now nominally own a khopesh, gotten in an eBay auction that someone on the KOL board mentioned. (Nominally; haven't gotten confirm from the seller yet, but I've gotten confirm on winning the auction.)

Like to be not a tremendously high-quality khopesh, from the price on it and all, but from the images rather handsome despite that. If I need to damage someone I'll just have to use the KA-BAR or my poniard or something else.

I think I know the structure of this book now, which is happy. It's similar enough to the structuring of the first to pass whatever worries I might have about it differing too much in rhythm, and different enough to be distinctly itself. And it seems the first-person passages are alternating with third in a rotation of in the family, in the riverside, and in the rest of the city. Which is at least like to be consistent, and gives me a place to aim for the next appearance of Boiling Over Boy.

So now to write 8, which would be internal to the family.

The opening bassline of this song is exactly and satisfyingly correct. [ profile] teinedreugan has asked me what it's right for, and I couldn't answer him; I haven't gotten that far. But it's exactly right for something. One of the places that makes the Songdragon sit right up and hum.
I don't remember if I'd gotten around to mentioning that my mother-in-law frightens me. Though in a good way. This past Easter she didn't send us peeps. She sent us a happy green basket full of bulbs, all of which were in a state that made them look like somewhat sickly asparagus. (They'd been forced, and as such were a little wan.) [ profile] teinedreugan and I bought a pot for them, and I transferred the lot, and they've been happily sprouting in the mathom room since. Yesterday, one of the types revealed itself: tulips. For some reason, having tulips growing in the room upstairs dissonates my cognitive.

In other vegetative news, my lilac bush is covered in what look to be eventual flower spikes. This is tremendously, tremendously cool. I planted it last year, and it produced one flower spike. So I tinkered with the soil in the hopes that it would get happier and be more flowery, and wow, it looks like that and the year to get settled worked.

[ profile] teinedreugan and I went out looking for the shop that we'd been told might exist and be able to sell me some clay loam. <Arlo Guthrie>We didn't find one.</Arlo> Then we went up to Lechmere to buy me shoes. Still haven't restored the style I really like, but the ones they had are better than the ugly blocky things I've got which are falling apart (hence the shoeing expotition). Then we went to the little Egypti-kitsch shop there, and afterwards to Borders, which is always dangerous. Did not buy some Aristotle for [ profile] brooksmoses, mostly because they didn't have the text I wanted in the edition I wanted to get. (Dear, could confirm please which text you were looking for so I can look for it more coherently? Though I nearly got you the Metaphysics because it was there.) Got book on roles of women in ancient Egypt, fairly recent scholarship thus potentially acceptable. Saw very strange buildings being built on MIT campus. Must find pictures, show to [ profile] keeps. Very conceptual.

Have to finish getting organised on the play by e-mail game I'm intending to run. I have frighteningly enthusiastic players. ([ profile] oneironaut and [ profile] annwyd particularly, but also [ profile] lstone and [ profile] erispope, and [ profile] brooksmoses came over to the gamer side of the Force with 13K of character background.)

Gaming tomorrow, Semtek. Much pounding on things anticipated. Must remember to bring the Crüxshadows CD with Seraphs on.

Have vaguely sociopolitical thoughts about marriage, but they're not coming out coherently at the moment. Asterisk inserted.

[ profile] teinedreugan just wandered in and said, "This cat brought to you by the letters L and J." This required explanation; apparently Lennon's lying in the usual contortionistic poses again.

No mood for scattered. No worries.
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( Apr. 3rd, 2003 05:08 pm)
Meet Steve. I really don't know why this iris is named Steve, but I want to get me some Steve and plant it somewhere.

Posted here because I was discussing Steve with [ profile] autumnesquirrel last night, and also because if I put a link to Steve somewhere I'll be able to find it later without finding [ profile] oneironaut and asking pathetically, "Where's Steve again?"

Isn't Steve pretty?

(I have now lost 'Steve'. Steve, Stevestevesteve. It's not really a word, is it?)
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( Apr. 1st, 2003 03:17 am)
I have ranted before about my boundless hatred for my washing machine, so I won't repeat myself. (Though, oddly enough, when I found the URL for that old entry I was reminded to feed [ profile] teinedreugan's banana peel to my roses.)

Which reminds me! My lilac has buds! I don't think I'd mentioned. I wonder if it'll flower more this year than it did last. And I should consider getting more chipped stone to mulch around it anyway, and maybe add lime at some point. Need to get out and weeding.

Spent much of this evening poking and prodding at various websites comparing plants and prices for my meditation garden. (Originally typed 'medication garden'.) I think I'm settled on this and this for the lilies, with one or two of these in the bog plants section, nestled among these.

I am possessed of a strange urge to reread Pratchett's Jingo and a strange fear of doing so, because it's too, too true, right down to Lord Rustfeld.

Though I'm feeling pretty good; there was someone on one of the boards I read getting really worked up about some BDSM stuff that a friend was engaged in, and I seem to have given a handle on BDSM stuff in general and addressed his concerns some with the friend in specific. This feels a bit like a mitzvah, to have managed to build a conceptual bridge for someone. I spend so much time thrashing around on the edges of comprehension and despairing that helping someone else connect thoughts gives me tremendous satisfaction.

309 words today. Not much, but better than nothing.
I went thrashing about for something to read and started in on the potions book I ordered before I went to visit [ profile] brooksmoses; it made a stray mention of moringa oil in the context of scents.

Scents good. So I go to look up moringa oil, to see what it is, and if it's available anywhere I can get it so I can learn what it smells like for myself.

It's amazing stuff (just to pick one of the articles I found). Fastest-growing tree known, native to India (and Africa), lots of its parts are edible, it can purify water, its oil has even more nutritious stuff in than olive oil and burns clean, it has antibacterial properties, it apparently can help with controlling diabetes, the flowers are edible (calcium and potassium), are used for tea for colds, and last most of the year for bees, its root can be turned into a condiment like horseradish (and one species has a starchy, edible root), it's successful in combating malnutrition in Senegal, the dried leaves are ground to a powder that's an effective dietary supplement . . . .

Oh, and the wood can be used to produce a blue dye. In case there was a need for anything else.

No, [ profile] teinedreugan, I won't ask for one. I don't think we can get a tall enough greenhouse. ;)


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