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( Dec. 9th, 2015 07:02 pm)
while my computer was broken. (Hi, my computer was broken. Um. Still is, but I've fixed the problems even if I haven't fixed the actual computer. Mostly by transferring all my data elsewhere.)

Of course, the way my brain works at the moment, my reaction to an ensemble-cast show is to want to Sort the characters into Hogwarts houses, which is a thing that is perhaps encouraged by encountering a recent Sorting of the Hamilton main characters done by sortinghatchats of Tumblr. Which has an interesting system - they do primary House as a core nature and motivations thing, and secondary House to indicate what toolset is the default in use for achieving those motivations. I think there's a third, sort of - the "what do you get mistaken for in dim light" thing - but that's a superficial sort of thing. Just one I find interesting. (My character Misha is a Slyth primary, Huff secondary, and mistaken for a Ravenclaw, so, y'know.)

So anyway, my thoughts about Sense8, mostly in terms of character sorting, with a few other bits besides. Spoilers minimised, because polite, but there will be allusions to things and a couple of dialogue quotes. Also a little commentary on some of my critiques of the thing (some of which are about where I feel it falls down on race issues).

That being said. )
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( Nov. 8th, 2015 01:02 am)
while my computer was broken. (By the way! My computer was broken! It is still broken but the actual problems this causes have been mostly solved.)

And, due to the way my crash-into-each-other fanthinging operates of late, this means I have been pondering what houses the sensates are in Harry Potter terms. Partly sparked by reading something on about the Hamilton characters and thus contemplating their model of primary House (nature) and secondary House (how one implements nature); I think there's a thing missing, there, but it's "the House that people get mistaken for in dim light", which is sort of partaking of both of these and neither.

Anyway. This results in my attempt to sort the sensates. This will be as spoiler-light as I can make it, but there will be some necessary references to the content of the show. :P Also contains commentary on some of the structure.

Thus. )
First and most important things first:

Recipe for Green Tea Petits Fours
The chocolate and strawberry ones were assembled from this cake, this ganache, and some strawberry jam, according to this set of directions.

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( May. 13th, 2009 11:49 pm)
Formerly thwarted Trekkie is no longer thwarted.

Whitney says, "I thik the GIP for that icon cannot be mooded anything other than 'geeky'."
Tesla [[ profile] oneironaut] says, "We'd mock you if you tried."
Tesla says, "Granted, we're probably going to find a reason to mock you anyway."
Whitney says, "I just made a *Spock* icon. Anything you can say would be redundant."
Tesla says, "... true."

Not especially spoilery comment cut out of an excessive sense of courtesy. )
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 06:20 pm)
There's a lot of stuff in my head, so I'm just going to natter on a bit, honestly.

Pointilistic overview of the weekend. )
So, [ profile] arawen and I spent three days in an in-house vacation (two at my house, one at his). We've needed something of the sort to recover from some extensive strain induced by the last N months of careening madness and thus took the time to reconnect.

We did a whole lot of nothing.

We did a whole lot of other stuff too, mind, but there was a lot of nothing involved. Some talking. Some amiable companionship in each other's space. [ profile] teinedreugan's cat was blissfully not obnoxious (this is not a given when [ profile] teinedreugan is absent of an evening).

On Friday, we got together with [ profile] teinedreugan and [ profile] whispercricket for dinner and ice cream and then went on a walk which mostly stopped at an otherwise-unoccupied playground. With a swingset. And a variety of other fine things.

Saturday was spent laughing at the silly things gamers say and don't notice are funny until someone in the next room over cracks up, catching up on things, and starting with Tribal Wars. Heh.

But. Swings!
It's not every day one can say, "I think the addition of the Illuminati to this movie upped the plausibility factor."
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 02:55 am)
I impressed [ profile] staralshain by informing her that my clothing puzzle for the day was to find something I could wear sensically first to her wedding and then to a heavy metal concert. She judged my efforts entirely successful.

I'm hoping to have time to think tomorrow, as I've felt pretty much going-non-stop for the past two days. Maybe get the thing written I said I'd try to write for [ profile] sheta_kaey, only a day late even. :P
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( Aug. 25th, 2007 02:56 am)
One: Saw Stardust. (Link leads to a completely unrelated image. No spoilers are contained, but I hope the joke is as obvious as I think it is. Final conflict resolution scene, in case one needs a hint.)

The Other: Reading blogs I don't usually read confounds me sometimes. That one I stopped reading a discussion because the comment, "Yeah, I'd like bigger tits too" or something like that completely broke my suspension of disbelief. This is why I write fiction; reality is just too implausible.
I found myself thinking of that argument on rasfc a while back (was it really a few months ago? I'm not sure), the whole what is identity and not, and the claim that changes to the body don't change the sense of identity, unlike changes to the mental process.

I spent this weekend far more dependent on my cane than is normal for me even when I am using it. (Usually I need it for a day or two and then I'm more or less okay. This weekend I needed it to climb up the steep slopes of curb cuts.)

And one of the things that drove me completely bats about that dependency, about the limitation of the pain, was this steady persistent awareness that this is not me. And I don't have the identity I had as a child, when I could do nothing, be nothing, that did not run, but damnit, I can walk. That hurt, sometimes, more than the pain.

My mother tells me that my brother could never have riding lessons like I did as a child because his hip went weird on him too easily. And muses about her need for a hip replacement.

Who am I, in the bone?
Trip report.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Tuesday )
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( Mar. 4th, 2007 04:41 pm)
So I noticed that my previous post was utterly incoherent and did not include that the bluegrass cover was of Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky" despite my being sure I typed it, but that is probably about par for the course for that evening.

I wrote 268 words the other day, getting back to work and trying to pick up the threads of that and make progress. So I've started part 4 of the thing. Figured out the next bit, too, just need to write it down. Feeling a bit better about things; it's good to actually write. I need to figure out how to rewrite the early bits to get the cultural stuff in that I sorted out ages ago thanks to [ profile] ritaxis.

I've been doing planning for the garden. Which is amusing, given how much snow/slush/sludge there is out there, but best to know what I'm doing well ahead of time. I'm planning on building two frames to start out with; we'll see if I can manage to maintain that properly and then see where to go in later years. Asked [ profile] nex0s for some help on figuring out what local pests there are; need to go to UMass and see if they have the pamphlets she thought they ought.

Other miscellaneous stuff has included discussing reconstruction and crazed druids with [ profile] arawen, miscellaneous states of emotional breakdown (I am tired of this, but seem to be getting better), persistent wrestling with depression, thinking about theology that I'm not actually getting written down, and playing Warcraft (hit 70 on Samh yesterday, along with honored with both Scryers and Lower City). I think I am slightly ill, but not enough that it's anything other than a distraction, another reason to sleep, and intermittent abdominal pain.

Depression may be breaking; I'm having impulses to do things. Though if I'm not careful it'll all fall apart in a morass of 'Augh, too much' and I'll fall down into the goddamn pit again.
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:23 pm)
Hokay, now that I'm done for now with being utterly boggled in a kind of stressy way, let's try to assemble a PCon con report.

Thursday: getting there )

Friday: Day One )

Saturday: Day 2: Stuff, Seidh )

Sunday: Day 3: Commercialism and Strangeness )

Day 4ish: Conclusion, Home, is this Monday or Tuesday? )
- gotten learner's permit
- registered to vote at new address
- replaced my dying cellphone
- failed at lunch with [ profile] autumnesquirrel
- gotten the henna block I need to treat my hair
- interviewed for a temp job at Harvard
- signed up at the relevant temp agency in the event of job offer
- gotten tea for [ profile] keshwyn
- managed to go to Cardullo's without coming out with maple sugar candy
- gotten all the phone numbers from the old phone into the new one
- gotten [ profile] autumnesquirrel's phone number into the new phone
- lost at hand and foot
- informed [ profile] meranthi that we needed to play hand and foot sometime against each other so one of us would have to win (barring game called on account of earthquake)
- had a mildly embarassing meltdown at games
- prepared food with [ profile] arawen, including protecting him from the onions and generating cheese dumplings that make [ profile] whispercricket grin alarmingly
- done full Feri open-court circle cast, including invitation of Guardians
- ogled [ profile] arawen cheerfully
- become twenty-nine
- done a seriously half-assed job of witnessing a dawn vigil
- failed to get the job
- existed in a state of moderate broken dissociation
- gotten better
- been taken out to lunch by [ profile] arawen and [ profile] whispercricket
- been to Pandemonium and ordered a book
- learned what the new phone ring sounds like when [ profile] keshwyn called to wish me burning cities
- watched The Thirteenth Warrior again, this time pondering it as Discordian exegetic material
- gotten Majnun (human warlock) to neutral with the furbies
- gotten Majnun to level 59
- gotten Samhchair (NE hunter) to level 64
- gotten a happy birthday email from Peter "to within the usual epsilon", which tickles me mightily
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( Jan. 17th, 2007 12:45 am)
Because I haven't actually been terribly communicative of late.

I am muddling through. Basically sort of took a week off and mostly tried to avoid feeling guilty about not really accomplishing much. Spent much of it being not quite sick, which has been maddening, but my appetite seems to have come back so it may be improving. Spent other parts of it sort of tied up in emotional tangles that it has been gently pointed out to me should not be hurting me, and that's been its own kind of interesting. Been doing a fair amount of essaying babble elsewhere. Continuing to continue.

Coming a bit out of shell now. Enforced some tidiness on the house, did a bunch of laundry, and with [ profile] whispercricket and [ profile] teinedreugan's assistance, made ice cream, thereby verifying that the ice cream maker works just fine. Working on patterns and establishing self properly, which eats vast amounts of processor time.

[ profile] queenofhalves: got the Daimon Lover book you recommended to me a year and a half ago at last.

ETA: 1036 words. Chapter 3.25 written. Convinced snakie to take his mousie even though he's blue.
I'm watching an argument, mostly.

It's an argument that ten years ago I would have come in on, vehemently, passionately, in the belief that cites and rhetoric could win. In the intervening decade, I've learned that that doesn't actually work so well. Or I've learned that arguing that way means investing too much of myself in a place where I risk losing a handle on it. Or something.

And there's a part of me that misses the ... optimism of the hotheadedness, I guess it is. The sense that I could, in fact, if I just pushed hard enough, cared hard enough, it would be a good enough place to stand to go with this here lever. I regret its passing, even while I recognise what remains is more effective.

And I'm reminded of the thing I posted to rasseff back an age ago, about the feeling that treating things as if they matter is one of those things that doesn't fit in well, that makes people wary and hard to get along with. So there's that sort of weird edgy space in which things matter, but expressing how much they matter ... doesn't help.

I don't have the words for why this all makes me oddly melancholy.
Still there is no internet at home.

Thursday: Catalogued books.

Spoke briefly to my mother, who told me to drink too much. Tried to call my brother, got voicemail; called father, got my brother. Brother said "Your daughter on the phone," nearly got father's wife, laughed at them all and gave the phone to Dad.

Excellent Thanksgiving dinner largely prepared by [ profile] keshwyn, unfortunately accompanied by me being way too exhausted to be adequately social. Also there: [ profile] jikharra, [ profile] teinedreugan, [ profile] splurby, [ profile] dpierkowski, [ profile] jducoeur and partner, [ profile] briar_pipe. Drank a bit too much, as per orders.

Poked at internet resources on sub drop briefly, decided that the stuff I was finding on my searches was too offensive, too hard to read, or too likely to capitalise "dominant" but not "submissive" to be any damn use before I gave up.

Went to bed at ten.

Friday: Learned about stupid drama that is far enough out out my space that I can't do anything about it and yet close enough that it disrupts my reality moderately. Bared teeth at it ineffectually. Discussed spending time with [ profile] arawen with him, failed to make phone connections, got weirdly emotional for complicated reasons, set up lunch date for today.

Catalogued more books. Cleared and organised the kitchen sufficiently to set up the kitchen table. Played Civilization.

Today: Did not feel like cataloguing books.

Went out to go to lunch with [ profile] arawen, with brief stop in hardware store to begin with. Which turned into a lengthy exploration of the hardware store in search of useful things to put in a Discordian toolbox. Acquired: bright yellow toolbox (needs K), Klein bottle opener, coping saw, red tape, misc. other stuff.

Then we went back to the house, confused [ profile] teinedreugan (the meat thermometer and welding plate I bought were in the box, so we brought the box in for bonus confusion point), and went to lunch. Lunch was had. Talking after lunch was also had, and then [ profile] arawen went off to his reunion thing.

[ profile] teinedreugan and I went to Sears and bought a fridge (earning the thanks of the guy he'd talked to yesterday, who was apparently semi-surprised we came back), then we went to Building 19 for the hell of it, where I was told (over the loudspeaker) that here at Building 19 they wanted to provide the best shopping experience possible, and I muttered that they should turn off the fucking Christmas music then, shouldn't they? But we got measuring spoons and bath mats, and fled before Rudolph ate our brains.

And that's the state of the me.

ETA: Sorting mail since I last had 'net access has produced this lovely spam title that must not go unshared: aggregate shmuckys musings.
Argh, fortunately I hadn't gotten very far when this thing crashed messily, the bastard.

This is the Story Of The House Hunt Stuff.

Cut for length. )

As [ profile] pameladean said when we got the last one, "Houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse!"
A random link: Spong reviews The Da Vinci Code.

Am back at home after a busy weekend.

Let's see. Stuff: [ profile] arawen picked me up Saturday morning though I don't think we got out of the house until after noon. Had random sushi for lunch. Helping with bookcases was diverted by the need to deal with an invasion of ants which were carrying their larvae up the front of his house and into a hole up under the eaves, which was behaviour Not Approved Of. So there was agitated ant-slaughtering and roof repair. And afterwards a great deal of enjoying of each other's company (which left me with a slightly dislocated right hip).

Sunday there was much work on bookcases, which started before I got up because I didn't sleep well and so stayed in bed for an hour and a half or so later than [ profile] arawen did. Funniest help request was, "Could I use you as a stand?" Various things were accomplished. I think we watched a couple of episodes of an anime, plus also some Babylon 5 commentary which provoked me into reading [ profile] lysana's rendition of how Stephen Furst got the role of Vir, though that may have been Saturday. We went out for what I'm pretty sure was our first doing-something-as-a-couple sort of dinner, and thus I consumed vast quantities of sushi (including, as it happened, my first fish-based sushi -- this is extremely impressive, as I haven't willingly consumed fish in probably over twenty years because fishy-smell leaves me feeling ill). Much affirming snuggling and talking, even if [ profile] arawen does have a marbles in a funnel problem.

Slept better last night, woke up before the alarm, woke up [ profile] arawen. He made me breakfast. More carpentry, in which I was minimally helpful mostly in the fetching and carryingness. Had leftover sushi for lunch. Went to hardware store (minioning mostly limited to pushing the cart and answering, "Is there anything else I've been whining that I don't have?" with "Time, world domination, and a pony"), stuff. Eventually came home, said hi to [ profile] teinedreugan and [ profile] suzimoses, helped them heckle The Chronicles of Riddick, watched the end of the ballgame, and saw [ profile] arawen off to the airport where he is collecting [ profile] whispercricket from her weekend of dealing with crazy people.

Thus was my weekend of sex and carpentry. (With bonus sushi and ants.)
Lack of supervision totals:

  • Beatles matryoshka
  • Psychedelic plaid polar fleece blankets
  • A roll of nice cloth that I don't know what to do with (I'll probably do an altar piece with it) that was in the remnants
  • red velvet shirt as before mentioned
  • another shirt, which should be similarly appreciated by Certain People, as approved by [ profile] rmjwell
  • Strange plant matter
  • a copy of Yronwoode's hoodoo magica materia

I did not get a corset (budget issues; I have their card and my measurements); I did not get a Ganesha plaque (it sold before I got back with money; I did go to lunch in between); I did not get a small Taweret figurine (more on this weird state of mind later).

Other matters -- personal, slightly angstful )

PantheaCon itself )


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