Many moons ago I knew how to paint miniatures. I am attempting to remember how.

These are not finished but they are in a condition to show off a little, pardon my terrible lighting.

Read more... )
Dramatis Personae:
* Aurun, hotshot ship captain, ex-assassin, untrained Force user
* Aaron Selig, demagogue ship's engineer, mad gadgeteer, pessimist
* Tereez, half-Bothan senior Imperial Knight, ex-Sith infiltration specialist
* Valis, junior Imperial Knight, healing and body mod specialist
* Tsavor, also called Hissy, Barabel ex-gladiator
* Arno Lassic, Zeltron hacker and demolitions guy
and introducing (in session #10)
* a survivor from the Ishikarra's round of the Force-activation plague virus whose name I don't recall and will have to look up, Jedi-affiliated weapons specialist

NPC Elon, still a traumatized Jedi survivor of the Force-activation plague virus, medic, and continually having a bad day

Once again I am way behind and trying to catch up before gaming tomorrow.

Session 9 )

Session 10 )
And back for another edition of Star Wars gaming, which I am posting before we do more tomorrow, as I have finally gotten my shit together.

Dramatis Personae:
* Aurun, hotshot ship captain, ex-assassin, untrained Force user
* Aaron Selig, demagogue ship's engineer, mad gadgeteer, pessimist
* Tereez, half-Bothan senior Imperial Knight, ex-Sith infiltration specialist
* Valis, junior Imperial Knight, healing and body mod specialist
* Tsavor, also called Hissy, Barabel ex-gladiator
and introducing (in session 8)
* Arno Lassic, Zeltron hacker and demolitions guy

NPC Elon, still a traumatized Jedi survivor of the Force-activation plague virus, medic, and having a bad day

Session 7 )

Session 8 )
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( Feb. 29th, 2016 01:17 am)
We're improving in our "what we lost this session" responses; we only lost a Star Destroyer! (And really there was nothing we could do about that, and our decisions had no part in it happening, so it's not a huge loss conceptually.)

When we left our heroes, we had been ambushed by a dreadnought and rather a lot of fighters, one of whom cheerfully greeted one of the party members with a "Hello there Tereez!"

As you might expect, things went a bit downhill from there. )
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( Jan. 17th, 2016 11:49 pm)
I may as well keep track of storysessions, yeah?

Not a covered in glory sort of session this one; we lost an NPC and a planet.

(There was nothing we could do about the planet.)

So when we left off.... )
I am in a Star Wars universe game. I wrote this up because we played down a player this weekend and it would be good to let him know what happened, and I realised after the fact that it would also be good to have a thorough record of what we did when we pick up again after the midwinter holidays, so.

And then I thought that it would be amusing to post it here, since my previous game session summaries have been considered droll.

The Party )

A quick overview of what happened in session 1 )

The actual session summary. )
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( Nov. 1st, 2015 09:54 pm)
be enjoying our Star Wars game rather a lot after only one session.

Or at least I have a Twi'lek in my head going "WHEEEE" at dealing with flying through a fighter attack and incidental fire from a battleship while psychically linked with a team of Jedi?

(Advantage to character-building in a thoroughly worldbuilt world - I can do enough research and build in enough personality hooks that it only took me about half a session to get a grip on her psychology rather than a couple of them. Which meant I knew going into this that I was dealing with a personality type I'd call "smart Gryffindor", and getting a handle on her "I'm not an adrenaline junkie, but since I've got the adrenaline going I might as well WHEEEEEEEE" was good.)

"This is not the sort of profitable run that I would ordinarily take but I must admit that it is quite enjoyable to be working with these people."

It is good that we are in the shadow of the large object now, though, because I'm not so sure about that battleship (even if her reaction is "I GOT THIS")....
"Make a spot check."
"*rolls* Six."
"... so, about forty-five minutes later, the brawl is still going, and you notice you haven't seen him in a while."
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 03:06 pm)
So there is the question of what I can do with myself in a life necessarily baby-delimited and full of sudden urgent interruptions (a situation that has made it very hard for me to write at any length, because I can't get my train of thought to settle).

The answer to this appears to be "play web-based roleplaying games so that I don't go mad from inability-to-write".

[ profile] calpatine, who I knew of through [ profile] oneironaut, owns a game hosting server which houses roleplaying gamer drugs. These are fine fine things, these games, especially for someone living a highly interrupted life - I can do a rapid flurry of posts with people who are active at the moment when I have the time, and if I vanish for several days it doesn't matter much because other people often go days (or weeks) between replies depending on the vagaries of their realities.

And the people are, for the most part, fantastic. The theme for Seiryuu games appears to be something along the lines of "Ridiculous concepts that take themselves Very Seriously for the entertainment of the players". (Someone not me commented that they were enjoying one of these games more than other not-serious roleplays because of the internal consistency and stuff while still being totally ludicrous. Win.)

I am currently on two of these games. (Well, technically I'm on three but Earth to Heaven Replies is not quite open yet and I would be on four but I haven't finished writing up mine to start building it. On ETHR I play, in theory, the Archangel of the Sephirot of Mercy and a very, very confused bisexual multiracial switchy half-Lilim with some more adjectives and a major case of Not Minority Enough.)

Silvermoon is ... Silvermoon is approximately every pulp novel and comic book hashed together and glued into a semi-coherent whole with crack. In theory it is a PGSM game (set during everyone's previous incarnations); in practice one probably would never notice ever unless someone told one. The space opera pulp empire has made contact with the fantasy pulp empire and there is tentative communication between the two, in between all of the epic whackjob plots involving murderous robots getting systems crashes out of analysing lolcats or pretentious vampyres making breakfast deliveries of muffins and getting interrupted by long-lost cross-dressing members of the ruling family.

In case that doesn't provide sufficient understanding of the game, my approved characters are: the superspy from the planet of the friendly compulsively honest people with eidetic memories, a security specialist from the planet of 4chan who had an unfortunate runin with SCIENCE! and now moonlights as a lynx, a sexually frustrated submissive woman from the planet of militant reverse Gor currently employed as a minion of the multiheaded hydra that is the Imperial Palace, a wererabbit street preacher apothecary who wishes everyone to understand about the coming of the Usagi, a perky weather-witch from the pirate nation (which is a flotilla centered around a giant turtle and held together with ossified in-jokes), a scandalous werebat duelist working the border guard with a paranoid werewolf partner, an undead monstrosity who probably won't kill you immediately unless you're a pastry chef (if I cannot have pie nobody shall have pie), the brewmaster of faerie, a middle-aged perfume-making widowed housewife in search of a replacement husband or three, a very polite robot dog assigned as bodyguard to the Lunar Chief of Staff (who is, roughly, Rahm Emmanuel's reputation personified), and an opium den owner who also runs Ninja Warrior competitions.

Concepts not yet written up include an alto who was pushed over the edge by yet another musical in which the twee weedy soprano gets the A plot and the alto died pathetically and thus became a crime lord, a fisherman from the planet of 4chan who moonlights as a hip-hop sea chanty remix artist and performer (and thus hangs with the princess-heir, who moonlights as a DJ), and an airship captain.

Got the idea now? ;)

The other one is Bind On Pickup, which I seem to have accidentally named, which is a Warcraft RPG. It has only existed for a week, so I only have ... four of me. Heh.

Those four would be a blue dragon with epic PTSD and a secret fondness for high/blood elves that only aggravates it, my actual main toon from Hellscream server (currently Gone Fishing), an unhatched dragon egg (seriously), and an extreme sports enthusiast gnome who is on a first-name basis with every spirit healer in Azeroth.


So. Games! If you're inclined, come play!

Silvermoon is here.
Bind on Pickup is here.
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( Sep. 17th, 2009 04:30 pm)
Definitely thoroughly enchanted, not only as a Decanter of Endless Pee but also a Baby of Holding (cursed).

(I'm ready for this round of cluster feeding to end. Any time now.)
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( May. 26th, 2009 07:00 pm)
That last module was a bit rough on the party, mentally, shall we say .... Ari is a little less the Vague today.

The chatty elf resumes her private musings behind the cut. )
I have this very weirdly talkative D&D character in my head at the moment ....

So I'm going to let her babble.

([ profile] miz_evolution may be amused by the second-to-last paragraph. At least I hope so.)

Meet Ari. )
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 03:00 am)
Ari continues my least combat-effective character ever, but racks up her first kills:

A couple of spiders and a giant mosquito.

(By a couple of spiders, I mean ... a couple of ordinary spiders. It was a crit, I think.)

I needed a d4 at one point, so [ profile] artan_eter handed me a dreidel.
So I've been playing A Tale in the Desert. Hanging out in one of the less populated regions and experimenting with imaginary booze and animal husbandry, with occasional forays into art and the like. (Tale is a kind of weird MMORPG. No grinding by killing kobolds, though one can strangle stray sheep if one is so inclined. It's set in what I can best describe as a steampunk ancient Egypt. We have yet to research airships.)

I have a lot of fun with it. I've gotten to the point where there's plenty for me to do that isn't grinding. I love the reactory minigame even though I'm quite bad at it. I would love it if interested friends would come play with me, too. I have been hesitant to post about this because I know a lot of people are short on a) time and b) money for doing such things, and also nagging to join people on MMORPGs is one of the more obnoxious and antisocial things that gamers do to other gamers these days, but also I still would like to play with friends. So yeah. The thing. Let me know if you want to come play or something. I'll build a guild for us to chat in.

In other, less gamer-related news:

My lower intestines are in massive rebellion. I feel like there's a hole in the back of my neck that all my energy drains out of if I try to do anything. I am occasionally choking on goo. I suspect, from this combination of things, that I am mildly ill.

The baby has found several interesting places to kick me. I prefer the ones that are aimed forward. Especially since the other kind tend to scramble my guts even more.

[ profile] ursulav has made me really want to build a reef tank. Which is the sort of thing that arguably fits into my typical spring overexuberance with projects, and also a bad idea due to cost and time investment when I'm trying to do things like grow a small person. Not that I have a place to put a reef tank if I had one, anyway, so this is going into the "maybe someday" pile.

We had the attic inspected for energy efficiency and insulation (due to having ice dams and leaks into the closet over the winter), and discovered a giant hole channeling hot air from the furnace into the attic. Gee, ya think that might be related or something? Anyway, there is magic financing for fixing this mess from the gummint, so the mess will be fixed.

Um, stuff.
My dreams have been reasonably intense and vivid of late, full of all kinds of randomness.

A selection of last night's randomness was an RPG in which character generation was done out of TVTropes.

I may have to design some version of this to make my brain stop.

Whitney pokes Tesla [[ profile] oneironaut].
Tesla says, "Ow."
Whitney says, "I dreamed last night that there existed an RPG chargen system based on TVTropes. I blame you."
Tesla cracks up.
Tesla says, "That's ... actually not the worst idea ever, even. Like, you start by picking two entries from the Character As Device index...."
Whitney says, "I thought you might like it. ;)"
Tesla looks at that again. "Not the worst idea ever indeed. I really need to learn to reign in that unleavened praise, I'll give you a big head."
Whitney says, "My subconscious thanks you for your kindness."
Whitney says, "It is pleased to know that its ravings are better than, say, FATAL. ;)"
Tesla says, "Yes, well done! ;)"
Cut for introspective rambling. )
Today, we concluded the Semtek campaign, which was three years of gaming. My somewhat difficult to understand character does not get any more comprehensible when she apotheosises, but she seems to have an easier time getting her point across now ... This whole being a god thing has completely failed to faze her; I think her only actual thought about it is that it will probably make it easier for her to invent dragons in the long run, as she was having a hard time with the project as a mortal. (Mind, even before this process she was the sort of person who could spend three days studying a rock without really noticing the passage of time; she's just shifted orders of magnitude in her inability to keep track of time.)

In other things worth commenting on, had very useful conversations and an exceedingly pleasant night with [ profile] arawen. Levelled the rogue to 31 in keeping with my 'every time I log her in I level her up once' goal, with the assistance of [ profile] sstaten. Confirmed that I really, really need to avoid even cooked carrots, and would like the swelling in my throat to go down now please, really, it's been eight hours.
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( Nov. 19th, 2003 05:37 am)
Section 57: 1383 words. Done.
13,298 the month.
Average: 738.bar7.

Feel sick and generally unhappy. Probably partially depression if not mostly. Muh. He, she, it is nauseized.

Yay for the Massachusetts SJC. Yay for [ profile] jennaria. Yay for [ profile] griffen. Probably yay for other things too, but I can't remember. So wrung out.

Spent part of the evening working on stuff for the Everway game I'm trying to run in between having everyone who's supposed to be playing unavailable, busy, or uninspired. This is moderately useful.
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( Aug. 29th, 2003 09:26 pm)
I feel like I am being rhythmically thumped on the head with a tambourine by a deranged gnome. ([ profile] lstone's starting up a D&D game, and this is what I get.) And he wants a lap harp, and lockpicks, and most of the feats in Song and Silence. . . .

I feel a strange sympathy for [ profile] keshwyn about Hilary. . . .

There's nothing quite like listening to a character who hasn't bothered to tell me his name yet explaining at great length that the small and easily squished people of the world truly need the ability to accurately locate the Kidney of the Oppressor. Imagine the wide, innocent eyes here.

A General Note: I'm not currently able to send mail without going through Matters of Tremendous Aggravation. For the most part, I'm not bothering except for dealing with trying to get the email problem repaired. I receive just fine.
[ profile] annwyd's thinking of starting up a Changeling campaign. I didn't have any ideas for it and didn't have any ideas for it and then oh gods, I have this satyr named Ducky in my head who looks like Johnny Damon (remove hat, add horns) and keeps using metamorphosis to turn himself into a pooka. Big wuxia fan. Misses his bouncer job in the bar.

Sometimes I wonder where they come from. Especially when they want to pontificate at length about their opinions on Iron Monkey.

My narrating character on the WIP has managed to make one of the other characters very profoundly happy in an unexpected way; he's not afraid of her and is thus willing to have high-stakes conversations without caving. And he's almost as good a telepath as she is which means that some of both of their usual ways of cheating in conversations are countered.

Addendum: Though the rest of the section inspired in me the comment to [ profile] oneironaut and [ profile] annwyd "You're a smart boy. Why are you so stupid?"

Nnnr. No, the other thing I was going to say doesn't go in public. Maybe under separate cover, later.


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