Set's name may mean 'pillar'. It may mean 'dazzling'. It may, through some complex interlacing of Egyptian punnery, mean both. And that may also mean 'CHECK OUT MY PENIS IT IS AMAZING'.
I spent 3-4 hours tonight writing a setting of Utterance 35 of the Pyramid Texts.

Using a pentatonic scale.

It can be performed as a four-part round.

... I may be slightly mad.
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( Aug. 17th, 2011 12:13 am)
Silence is a crocodile.
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 10:08 pm)
Among the things that KJ loves the most in the world appears to be the moon. When she spots a crescent - especially a nice luminous one - the finger shoots upwards, along with the proclaimation, "Mun. Muuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

We picked up for her one of those little acrylic tubes with sparkles in it, a magic wand like the ones my brother and I had as kids, and she will flip it over and over. "Mun. Mun! Bye-bye, mun!"


... I'm slowly working my way through Calendars of Ancient Egypt. Which has a lot lot lot about lunar calendars in it, which is useful because I finally am getting some of this stuff sorted out in my head.

But mostly I want to occasionally stop and howl, "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"

Parenting. It makes a body weird.
Because I mentioned it elsewhere and figured that folks who saw that comment and read me here might appreciate some more thorough commentary.

Cut for length. )

... I'd write more but I hava to put KJ to sleep now. :}
Last night when I crawled up to bed I greeted [ profile] artan_eter with, "Hail, he-who-is-in-his-pillow-fortification! Could I have some of the bed?"
Reading through Bomhard's 'The Egyptian Calendar: A Work for Eternity' )
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( Jul. 22nd, 2009 12:03 am)
I want to write theology. I want to have it all spilling out, all the glorious shape of it, all the things about the way I approach things, if only so there's a school of thought out there that says it so people can argue with it, something out there that has something coherent and systematic and looking at the whole thing. And I don't know how the fuck I'd get it published if I wrote it - it's not magical enough to toss at Immanion, I think - but I want it like it's spilling out my pores. Only I don't know where to start. What's the beginning? I have all these pieces, these shapes of things, the explanation behind this ritual, the exploration of this concept, nature of names, nature of souls, the three faces of chaos, the gods in the universe, people in the universe, all these things, but what's the first thread? Where do I try to tell people to start? (Zep Tepi, always Zep Tepi, but.)

I want my foot to stop hurting. Some of the swelling from the pregnancy seems to have - at our best guess - separated the callus on part of my right heel from the rest of the skin, which produces sudden-scream levels of pain when manipulated incorrectly.

I want ... food to look like food again. Everything is as appealing and foodlike as grass, which is profoundly frustrating. I snack, mostly because I know I ought to input caloric stuff, but it's ... sort of desultory.

I want to not have to be up at ungodly in the morning to go interview a pediatrician. At least I get to go back to bed afters.
... you know, sometimes I think the Egyptian mindset in which ancientry proves truth is overblown.

... and then I find things like this (from Ancient Egyptian Literature, John L. Foster, trans.):

Oh, I'm bound downstream on the Memphis ferry
like a runaway, snapping all ties,
With my bundle of old clothes over my shoulder.

I'm going down there where the living is,
going down there to that big city,
And there I'll tell Ptah (Lord who loves justice):
"Give me a girl tonight!"


Haven't I heard that tune on the radio?
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( May. 3rd, 2009 06:05 pm)
Mother of the manifest
Womb of the dead
Arched starry vault of heaven
Whose water jar
Holds cleansing
And oblivion
Swallow up the sun!
In your belly
Is making and unmaking
And grandfather dawn is born
Bloody and fragrant
Between your thighs.

(Some work has an interesting effect on my Egyptiana.)
The Woburn Public Library didn't have much of anything that was useful as a reference, but I didn't want to head back immediately after going through the catalog and the shelves, so I picked up an old (1928, I think) general history of Egypt and flipped through it for about an hour.

Which leads me to looking for this old thing I wrote on TC and wanting to put it here: geography and stuff. )


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