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( May. 20th, 2017 07:11 pm)
I wish to make note of the existence of this amusing conversation I had with [personal profile] pameladean.
I say "'The next time somebody complains about millenials, maybe remind them which generation linoleumed over those beautiful hardwood floors.'"
[Other person] grumblemutter.
[[ profile] lilairen] ... gets spam for vinyl flooring.
[[ profile] lilairen] ... dies laughing.
I am not off to visit new!baby because old!baby is napping at an inconvenient moment. This means I am working on my project with $coder.

This produces Moments.

Such as the comment in the code that he shared with me, which reads:

"//I have no idea why we're adding eight here. but if you don't, the world crashes."

(We have commiserated about Magic Inexplicable Numbers.)

Then a discussion of How To Make Git Go which ended with me commenting, "We are learning experience of Borg."
Set's name may mean 'pillar'. It may mean 'dazzling'. It may, through some complex interlacing of Egyptian punnery, mean both. And that may also mean 'CHECK OUT MY PENIS IT IS AMAZING'.
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( Mar. 5th, 2016 01:51 am)
"*thunderous, world-shattering snoring*"
"*sudden quiet and mumbling*"
"Did you wake yourself up?"
"Yeah, I can do that too."
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( Jan. 6th, 2016 09:33 pm)
"I have managed not to facepalm with the handful of meat." - [ profile] artan_eter

Context for that for those who have a desperate need to know. )
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( Dec. 12th, 2015 03:27 pm)
Jake says "my dinner will not in fact be vegan because i cut myself and bled all over it, so i will pretend i meant to and call it blood magic"
Sunflower snrks.
Vieva says "... I've been playing Dragon Age games too much, I feel the need to run around screaming and smite you"
Jake says "the darker side of kitchen magic!#"
Sunflower says "Heh."
Vieva says "does it count as not-vegan if it's your OWN blood? I mean, that's self-exploitation ...."
Jake says "hmm good point"
AssholeVegan screams, "Impure! Impure!"
Jake says "i cut it on my new food processor which is the most amazing spoon saver in the world"
Jake lols
Jake says "I have been tainted!"
Vieva says "UNCLEAN!"
Sunflower says "And if they were AssholeVeganTERF, they'd probably accuse you of assimilation, false consciousness, and being a pawn of the patriarchy."
Sunflower says "(... Meatriarchy?)"
Kiya snrch.
Jake says "Handmaiden Lee, handmaiden"
Sunflower says "Okay"
Eastling cackles, handmaiden vs. feudal lord.
Kiya wanna be a Summoner of the Meatriarchy now. ;P
You say "(And all the people who have enough BTW in their brains will now laugh...)"
Amphibian laughs ~anyway~.
Vieva says "... Uli just asked if we wanted burgers"
Vieva says "I think he wins the meatriarchy"
You say "Now I'm pondering [ profile] artan_eter's relationship to the meatriarchy, given that he feels that as someone on a Celtic chieftain path he has a moral and social obligation to give people steaks."
You say "YOu know, if they want them."
Sunflower is just looking at it and savoring the nuances. (This is one step *higher* than laughter.)
You say "I believe he paid Kaldera for a divination with a roast."
Eastling says "This sounds like a good method of payment."
Sunflower says "I think that means [ profile] artan_eter *is A Meatriarch*."
Kiya spfffffft, yes. Obviously.
Vieva says "all hail the Meatriarch, dispenser of cumin and beef!"
Vieva thinks the proper hat of the Meatriarch should be a giant cumin container
So, KJ is taking piano lessons. Amongst her notation knowledge are: quarter note ("ta"), two eighth notes ("ti-ti", also called "two good friends" by her slightly wacky ex-Soviet piano teacher), half note ("ta-a"), and quarter rest; measure, bar line, repeat, DC al fine, treble clef, bass clef, line note, space note.

So I had a bit of music open and was screwing around on the flute (I need to put some music practice into my regular routines, I really do, including teaching myself guitar) when she came home, and I had her look at the music. There was one measure she could actually read (half note, quarter rest, quarter note), which she did.

I pointed to the time signature, and said "this means that there are four 'ta' in every measure". She nodded seriously, and I said "That means that everything here adds up to four ta", sweeping my finger along the lines that included sixteenth notes, triplets, and various and sundry.

We puttered along peering at the music, and she asked what a symbol was. "Eighth rest", I said. "Ti rest!" Then she pointed at the solitary, unpaired eighth note.

"What's that?"

"That's an eighth note without a friend."

In tones of great mournful sympathy, she said, "Awwwww."

(Then I pointed at the whole note and said "How many beats do you think that note is?" She peered at it, and said, "Four.")
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( Aug. 8th, 2015 01:30 am)
ER: *loud honking snoring noise*
[ profile] teinedreugan: *startles, pokes baby*
Me: Hmm?
[ profile] teinedreugan: *incoherently* Jus checkin' [mumble mumble].
Me: What?
[ profile] teinedreugan: Just checking to make sure there weren't any more wires.
Me: ... not a robot baby.
[ profile] teinedreugan: *nods affirmatively, gives me a funny look, goes back to sleep*
[ profile] artan_eter: Don't poke people with carrots.
FM: ...
[ profile] artan_eter ... just ... don't poke people. There shouldn't have to be a qualifier for everything. Don't threaten people with vegetables!
FM: ....
[ profile] artan_eter In order to make that statement more all-encompassing. DOn't threaten people without vegetables either.
Today in the theatre of the gloriously out of context:

[ profile] artan_eter: Well, you could have earth, air, water, and bees.
We were discussing the problems of universalising the idea of "love god" because what people actually mean by that, theologically, varies...

I say, "I mean, some people categorise Hetharu as 'love goddess', but what she actually governs is the cosmic principles of attraction and repulsion, if you get really abstract about it."
HeartShadow says, "... so magnets?"
I say, "Yep."
I say, "This is why I joke that she's the goddess of unified field theory."
HeartShadow says, "... someone is LAUGHING IN MY HEAD AGAIN"
NaomiJ says, "I never bought the idea of Aengus as a love god, in the Irish stuff. Only post-Romantic era, I suspect."
HeartShadow mutters in the corner
NaomiJ grin
I say, "What's the joke, Shad?"
HeartShadow says, ", apparently"
HeartShadow mutters. magnets. grrrrr. Cow-headed nuisance
NaomiJ says, "You have Hathor issues?"
I say, "Did you have a mystical revelation involving magnets?"
HeartShadow says, "more of a long-running fascination and jokes"
I say, "If it helps she's associated with copper rather than iron so more electromagnets than plain ones? ;P"
HeartShadow says, "and ... just ... fuck."
HeartShadow says, "oh, sure, so hard drives while she's at it."
I say, "She keeps busy."
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( Nov. 11th, 2014 12:37 am)
KJ is singing "Let it Go" in her sleep.

This is at least more coherent and comprehensible than most of the things [ profile] teinedreugan says in his sleep....
Poly problems for Slytherins! "The competition is not where you think it is. Your superiority is already demonstrated."


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( May. 21st, 2013 05:34 pm)
We took the kids to a gathering at the impending preschool, where they played very hard. There was a climbing arch - came I guess to about the bottom of my breastbone - and KJ went over it, smoothly swapping directions at the peak, and then FM climbed up and over and, well, I spotted her so she didn't fall on her head.

[ profile] whispercricket: This child really wants to be in gymnastics. Or rock climbing. Gymnastics. Ninja training, I don't know.

(Quoted for the ninjas.)
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( Dec. 18th, 2012 12:52 am)
This evening KJ came in to say good night to me and asked for some bedtime nursing. She's been getting increasingly erratic about this over time, much to my something-or-other, and tonight she popped off the breast, looked at me with an expression of faint confusion, and said, "There's no sleep meem in there."
I think I spent all my gold on butterflies and pomegranates.
[ profile] ardaniel: Brighid kid failure mode is pretty intense, yes


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