So [ profile] teinedreugan and I went to the family Easter service at a local UU church today to see if it was a place that I might fit in.

Let's just say the head minister got up and:

"It's also a holiday today, what holiday is it?"
"And what else?"
"And what else?"

*long pause*


At which point the congregation started singing "Take me out to the ballgame."

Other notes: The service opened with a bit of Vivaldi's "Spring". Three of the choirs performed. There was a puppet show. KJ got to pet a rabbit. Spoke with the head minister (who mentioned the Spaceman had preached there last summer), the volunteer coordinator (who came to say hi) and some other folks. They did our favorite Easter hymn, though since it was the UU version I could only sing along with the "Alleluia"s. We departed because [ profile] teinedreugan was fried and KJ was trending towards nap, through a milling crowd of small people hunting eggs and cans (the cans presumably for donation); as we drove past on the way home I saw several of the kids up a tree.
"So," said the woman with the stroller and bewildered toddler, "when are you due?"


After the silence, "... cutting it a bit close there ...." she said, as the doors opened behind her, with an edge of nervous laughter, as if I was more than twenty minutes from home and the baby like to appear in that timeframe without warning, as if I should be spending more time hiding, just in case, to be safe.

People confuse me.

The Spinners lost. There were some nice plays. If that's not the first ballgame I've been to that I didn't score, it's been years; it was oddly nice to just watch the game, leaning on [ profile] artan_eter's shoulder, with [ profile] teinedreugan dropping his hand over the rail every so often for me to hold when he wasn't playing with the camera. I did not get a hot pretzel, though they smelled wonderful.

I like minor league games more than the majors, in a lot of ways; it's easier to just snuggle into the undemanding bosom of Baseball and let the feel of the game roll without the overwhelming This Is The Big Leagues Baby ambiance. It doesn't demand, it requires nothing but the smooth clean arc of raw physics and a sharp slide across grass in the hope that man vs. physics might come up man. It's easy to love baseball in the minors. The children chase foul balls like pack hunters, the ushers and stadium decorations try to get people to do the wave, toddlers race the mascot around the bases between innings, and the white figures and the grey figures do battle armed with parabolas.

As the man said, your immortality is measured in outs.

For some reason, I wanted this quote here. I'm not sure why.

    It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. - A. Bartlett Giamatti

I'm glad Dad suggested I get out to a game before the baby makes doing so awfully complicated. It's an ineffable thing, baseball, baseball and me.
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 02:34 am)
I am so emotionally iffy I turned down an offer of a ticket for tomorrow's game.

Wish I knew WTF is wrong with me.
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( Oct. 15th, 2007 09:36 pm)
[ profile] arawen: You look ... like you're watching someone torture a kitten.
Me: I'm reading the Red Sox newsgroup?
[ profile] arawen: That would do it.
So I've been having some disjointed conversations:

Kiya: You know, I was going to say that the two conversations I'm having at the moment on IRC are sort of surreal in juxtaposition, but I'm suspecting that Sox fandom is having one of its strongly-resembles-a-BDSM-relationship periods lately.
[ profile] kviri: <snrk>
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( Oct. 11th, 2005 01:47 am)
On practicing with the drum:
    Brooks [[ profile] brooksmoses] unidles, reads scroll. Whitney, you need practice so you can remember which hand is tek and which is ka, and then you can reember left and right if you can reemmber whether tek goes with left or right. Which you can probably do with a suitable Red Sox reference, if you're lucky (though he's probably a leftie, and tek is your right hand, isn't it. Sigh....)
    Whitney says, "He's a switch hitter."
    Whitney says, "And thus No Help At All."
    Brooks says, "Well, that at least matches your _current_ state of remembering which is which. :p"

Remembered to try to find information on Algonquin and/or Iroquois symbology; failed to succeed.

340 words this weekend. Very busy and feeling unwell.

Silly D&D character class quizzy thing which amuses the heck out of me. )
Apparently one of the first things Schilling did after getting his contract settled was to donate half a million dollars to the Jimmy Fund (the charity that the Red Sox promote).

Also, apparently his contract forbids him to post to the Sons of Sam Horn message board after midnight. I am massively tickled.

Section 63: 1341 words. Done.
Section 64: 580 words. Done.
I think I want to think about 65 some more.

That's 1921 today, 19400 for November, for an average of 692.857143 wpd. I set myself a goal of twenty kilowords for the month yesterday; I think I can swing that in the next two days.

Oh, hey, [ profile] keshwyn, I mentioned that someone did a really fine pomegranate poem recently -- this is where it is.

Mmm, storminess outside. Yum. No thunder, but lots of wind. (Winnnnnnnnd!)

Still need a 'misc' icon. I'll settle for generalised goodnaturedness.
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( Nov. 28th, 2003 09:33 pm)
Sounds like the confirms from dubious sources are being confirmed by genuine sources.

Sox got Schilling.

Here's hoping that settles the rotation down a bit.

It's too much to hope for that this'll stop the stupid political flamewars on asbb-r, though. Hot stove season is murder on usenet.

It probably says something about me that I think that pitchers and catchers reporting is a significantly more important aspect of February than my birthday.

(84 days and counting . . .)
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( Oct. 14th, 2003 03:58 pm)
Because I haven't written about anything since we went to the movies.

Saturday. )

Sunday. )

Monday. )

Still suffering from the d'waaaaanas. This may improve if I wind up feeling less vaguely icky.

Need to repot a plant. I think I'll do that now while I'm thinking of it.
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( Oct. 7th, 2003 12:16 am)
That was . . . exciting.

But we have Derek Lowe, who has pitches that turn right.

And good gods, I hope Johnny Damon's all right. Owwwww. (And also, someone please shoot whoever at Fox decided that we needed to see the collision forty times.) I'm lighting a candle for him.

And now I've ripped an MP3 of "Dirty Water", because I feel a need to have it handy. (And while I was at it I snagged a couple of discs out of the stack it was in, so I've ripped some James Taylor and am currently pulling Depeche Mode. My iTunes only gets weirder.)
Damn, that's the first time I've heard 'em play all of Dirty Water at Fenway. They usually don't seem to play the frustrated women verse.

And if I were only in touch with Maren, Marcie, and Ali, I would say, in this moment: "BOSTON!!!1!"


On with the cowboying up, then, shall we?
Me: ASBBR calls Ortiz the Cookie Monster.
[ profile] teinedreugan: Do they?
Me: Yeah. I bet the next time I cycle usenet there'll be at least four messages saying, in one way or another, in their titles "COOOOOOKIEEEEEEEEEE!!!1!"
*Eudora goes ba-boo-buh*
Me: And the email that just came in was titled "Ortiz is God."
[ profile] teinedreugan: Does that mean that God is Cookie Monster? ...Or that Cookie Monster is God?
Me: That's good enough for me.

(11 messages on asbb-r when I cycled. One reply to a troll, two in a thread title "C is for COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", one "COOOOOOKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!", one comment on the manager, one three-post apology thread for expressing doubt and discouragement, one "re: Nomar..", an "ORTIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and a "Re: WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Easy bet.)
[ profile] brooksmoses and I went up to Lowell yesterday to watch the Spinners play Williamsport. We got frightfully lost on the way there, but got in in time for the game and all.

Minor League Report. Ish. )

After that we went to dinner at Bertucci's, where I haven't been since I had lunch with [ profile] healwlove. And thus I no longer have a strange, plaintive feta craving, and I repel vampires at twenty paces.
That is the offense we're looking for. Move along, move along.
And other miscellanea. Not in chronological order.

Went to the game tonight with [ profile] rivka and [ profile] curiousangel. And my brother, who was late due to congenital disorganisation, but showed up (we missed the first inning; I had to reconstruct the scorecard from the at-bat information later). The Orioles played well. My brother (an A's fan) heckled everyone. "Let's go, Red Sox" in the second managed to thoroughly drown out and quell the actual O's fans present for a while. There was an awfully cute baby next to us.

Me to [ profile] rivka: You stole our seventh inning!
[ profile] rivka: You really should lock your clubhouse.
[ profile] teinedreugan: But they did it in the sixth.
Me again: Well, they had to, otherwise we'd have it.

Other thoughts and notices from trip: There's a field west of the park on 28 that's slated for them to build a church. (Episcopalian, I believe.) The field is empty, mowed down, and on the crest of a hill is a wooden cross, weathered, brown and grey, with a ribbon of green draped over it in the sort of 'M' shape one gets draping ribbons of cloth over crosses.

I think it's perfect.

And they're just going to ruin it putting a building there.

(This observation provoked [ profile] teinedreugan into starting a conversation with me about the human-centric tendencies of modern Christianity, but that's a thought for another entry, if at all.)

Hung out Friday with Aga and my little brother Ben who is no relation to me and [ profile] vectorvillain. Had pizza at my father's place. Were very fuzzed by a geriatric cat, who is shouting at me as I type this.

Much of today before the game was occupied with [ profile] teinedreugan trying to make his parents' DSL work, poor fellow. We got a Windows 98 disc from [ profile] sstaten by hanging out in his basement for a while while it took an hour to read and then failed to burn. (Ack.)

Failed to get to the Baltimore Book Thing. ([ profile] rivka, do you know about this?) May try on the way home tomorrow.

It's very weird to have a lengthy conversation with someone, feel a profound need to talk it over with someone, and feel even more profoundly that it's too private to discuss. Will probably have Daily Rite when I get home so I can talk to someone who was there about it.

And that's the news from Darnestown bordering on North Potomac (where all the women are primped, all the men are accountants, and all the children are amazingly trendy). (Mutter mutter bike lanes.)
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( Jul. 29th, 2003 10:53 pm)


Grand slams in consecutive at-bats.

Twelfth time ever.

I think we can say Bill Mueller is having a good game.

Addendum: First player ever to have a grand slam from each side of the plate in the same game.

(Also: Section 18: 910 words (done).)
[ profile] yehoshua puts words together like [ profile] brooksmoses does. See? All of that increasingly whimsical hypotheticity. Double-take theatre.

Did some debugging on a scenelet with [ profile] oneironaut, so I can pretend I'm some use for something.

My moods are improved massively, but I'm not sleeping. Can I get sleep without hypersomnia and its associated depression, please? I'd like to report a bug in this system patch, it's compromising features I was using.

I'm pretty sure I did something else today, but I can't for the life of me remember what.
New major league record for runs scored before the first out is made in the first inning - ten.

Addendum: [ profile] teinedreugan hasn't been paying close attention 'cause he's playing Kohan with [ profile] keshwyn. He just looked over and asked what inning it was. After I pointed out it's still the first, he said, ". . . when do they end the game on account of runs scored?" I answered, "Little League."

Addendidum: Team record set for runs in the first: 14. Edit: This ties the AL record. NL record is 15. This also ties the team second-best "runs in a single inning"; record is 17. Damon ties(?) the record for hits in an inning: 3. The only other player with three hits in an inning was also playing for Boston.

Addendiddlidum: club record-tying 28 hits through eight; playing the bottom of the ninth unlikely. Also a fair amount of chaos. . . .
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( Jun. 10th, 2003 10:07 pm)
Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek.

Sighing addendum: The Tek giveth, and the Tek striketh out.


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