I am not sure I like this tradeoff.

This is actually yesterday's but it's been such a constant stream of wtf that I didn't manage to get it written down. Not that today is a less constant stream of wtf, but.

So, scene:

A narrow room, really narrow, cramped in given there are about a dozen people having a semi-formal dinner party. Panelled in a medium-brown sort of wood, lit with lanterns. I'm not sure why there was the gathering, or who most of the people were, but [personal profile] jenett (who appears to be kicking around my dreams a lot lately) and I got into a conversation with a woman (with long blond hair in two braids) about the proper procedure for surveillance and observation of [personal profile] ardat_lili's enemies.

This apparently did not go over well in the rest of the dinner party and made for some awkward silences.

Scene transitions in dreams are awkward and I don't know how we got from the awkward dinner party involving spy tactics to the bit where we were out on the streets, but we were out on the streets. And I think it was mostly the dinner party people, who appeared to be a guerilla circus troupe getting ready to put on a show (and maybe the narrow room was in a circus wagon? That might explain it). Said flash mob circus troupe also appeared to be an anti-fascist street theatre group who were not afraid to mix it up with bullies, to say the least.

There was a somewhat meta aside in which other!Dan gave me some critique on the minmaxing on my character sheet. But apparently I wound up with a character sheet in this dream for someone who would actually punch a Nazi rather than do my actual real-life freeze up and stare at horrible things, wordless and incapable of action. Because there was also a brawl, in which I punched Nazis.

I feel that the unlicensed street theatre militia group punching out aggressive oppressors is an excellent game scenario for something. Maybe I'll run it someday.
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