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([personal profile] kiya May. 18th, 2017 04:56 pm)
Sleep was terrible last night due to dealing with toddler who kept waking up shrieking and inconsolable for reasons that are obscure to me, but possibly related to her apparent heat rash (now fading).

However, the 'constantly interrupted in deep sleep' means that I remember my dreamstate a bit, even now? So, yay?

It was all orbiting around a dormitory in a college, and I suspect this was in The City*'s university, but I don't know. I didn't go there, that much was clear, but I spent a lot of time there at some point in the past. Eleven years - I'm not sure if it was 'eleven years ago' or 'for a duration of eleven years'. The people I had known who were there at one time were not living there anymore, though there were some around, visiting temporarily for probably the same reason that I was there once more. (Mostly, hilariously, folks from the current tabletop gaming group, or at least people wearing their faces.)

The structure of the place was a complicated tangle of residence halls and public spaces, mostly in grey (with some interesting concrete-colored square columns in places), with some bits that were spatially reminiscent of the basement dorms at Franklin and Marshall, though most of the stuff that hit me was very clearly Random Hall. Including, most relevantly, the part where there were murals on the walls.

I was composing some sort of graphical commentary on my experiences there, on the walls, to express something to the people who were now gone.

It took several walls. By the time I was finishing up with it someone had painted over the first one.

* There is a specific location in which a number of my dreams are set, which thus far does not have a name other than The City. There are a variety of locations.
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