So a while back I mumbled about automatic feeding of stuff to here, and I have figured out how to get my personally owned wordpress blogs to automatically crosspost now. So for those people who were interested in that, that will be a thing that happens in the future, whee.

The two blogs that I have figured out are the one at Suns in Her Branches, and my newly established author site. For context here is the sort of stuff that's up on each of these:


Everything Reflects On Everything
Start in the Landscape
Bread and Roses
A Big Announcement!
We're All Fronds Here

Author Site

I Miss rasfc

We'll see if the crossposty works next time I post something. I'm still chewing on what sort of content I want to throw up on the author site.

(Note: the site Peaceful Awakenings, my monthly Patheos column, and my column at Pagan Bloggers are not included here. They do appear in the sidebar of Suns, or at least I will get the Pagan Bloggers column to appear there now that I've remembered I haven't yet; the other two already do.)
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